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BJP failed to maintain social harmony,  law & order in Assam: Cong

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From Bhupen Goswam

 GUWAHATI : The BJP government has completely failed to maintain social harmony in the state of Assam. Respect for different communities has been the hall mark of social harmony in the state. But it has been observed that during the time of BJP Government there has been growing intolerance and attitude of disrespect towards the law of the land. It seems that the fires of violence and counter- violence are being encouraged and are surrounding the people of the state. After the advent of the BJP government in the state, some organizations have threatened to attack linguistic minorities in the state. Some people belonging to certain organizations have openly stated their intention to attack Bengali- speaking people, taking the law into their own hands. Such statements are being made in media and posts shared on social media. This has potential to create disturbance of social harmony in the state. It is indeed surprising that we have not seen the government or the administration initiate any measures to check such attempts. Forget any action against; the government has not even expressed any stronf reaction to check such statements. We are concerned at the path the government is treading in the matter of social harmony and law and order if one community publicly threatens on attacking another in the state. APCC urges the state BJP government to take strict action against anyone aiming to disturb social harmony and take the law into their own hands.


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