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Brahm Se Brahmaand” by  Dr Anju Sharma

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New Delhi: People only heard about the ancient form of sound healing using the Tibetan bowl to alleviate stress, but never understood the difference in music and sound. With the launch of ‘Brahm Se Brahmaand,’ award-winning doctor, psychic reformer, sound and energy master, wellness-holistic coach, and founder of the musical healing band Sound of Infinity, turned author Dr Anju Sharma aims to spread the divine knowledge of sound healing and creating health awareness.

Doctorate in sound healing, Dr Anju Sharma unveiled her first book on healing on 7th September in presence of many dignitaries like Kunwar Vijendra Shekhar- Chancellor of Shobhit University, Avikal Kumar Manu, IRS, Ashwani Chand, IPS, Shailendra, Head Samsung, North India, Vikram Rathore, Airtel Head, Govt Vertical, Shabana, MD, NF Corporation, Saurav Bafna, Sales Head, Cisco, and Jaydev Rath CEO, Ex Director, Microsoft, Vinay Pradhan. Published by Notion Press the book throws some light on what sound healing is and how it impacts the mind, body, and soul of an individual. Sound healing is a healing tool that helps the individual to identify the disease at the cell level and repair and help regenerate the cells. It thus creates awareness regarding the internal as well as external well-being of an individual. This book talks about sound healing therapy as a journey from outer exterior world to internal interior world that is from Brahm Naad to Naad Brahm – the sound of yourself, your real being.

Speaking on launching her first book, Dr Anju Sharma, said, “I glad that the book is finally ready after years of arduous work. My motive behind launching this book is to spread the knowledge about sound healing. People often mistake sound to music. Only tutoring my students or giving consultation to patients will not help me to achieve my mission to spread the divine knowledge of our Vedic culture of sound healing. Through this book I can share what I have learnt over the years that sound is the ultimate healing therapy. This book has been drafted in a way that even a layman can read and understand his body and heal it through sound.”

Dr Anju Sharma with a decade-long journey in alternative medicine and healing therapies engage with the nuances of different dimensions of wellness. Dr Sharma’s healing touch has helped over 3000 individuals including students, patients and clients have gained back equilibrium and taken their mental and physical health on a higher plane. As a wellness researcher, her study of the subconscious mind and thinking ability adds weight to her credibility as a multi-hyphenate healer. Anju Sharma is an international speaker at many workshops and has been honoured for contribution at various platforms like HealthCare Excellence Award 2021-2022, Inspirational Woman of The Year 2022, Sound Queen Award by International Astrological Conference in Dubai. She has been awarded at the National Well-being Summit 2021. In 2018, she was honored by the Uttarakhand CM for her Incredible Work in the field of Alternative Medicine & Healing and her anti-drug campaign. She also received Pioneer Award for Divine Science (Sound & Mantra Healing) Excellence by CM of UP Shri Yogi Adityanath. Besides the awards, Dr Anju Sharma was acknowledged for training prisoners of Tihar Jail on emotional health and way of processing healthy lifestyle in 2021. She was also honoured by District & Sessions Court Judges for delivering a powerful talk on Women’s Day 2020.

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