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LIVA Miss Diva Pragnya Ayyagari back in Hyderabad!

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HyderabadPragnyaAyyagari, who was recently crowned as LIVA Miss Diva Supranational 2022 in Mumbai, received a heartwarming welcome and grand receptionby family and friends upon her arrival in her native city, Hyderabad. Having made her homeland proud by winning the prestigious title,her achievement was celebrated with great aplomb and delight.Pragnya will now go on to represent India at the forthcoming edition of the Miss Supranational pageant while the nation pins hope on her.

A firm believer in Walt Disney’s quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it, PragnyaAyyagari is a 20-year-old, fashion design student hailing from Hyderabad. She comes from a conservative family, and it took her a long time to gather her courage and vocalise her passion for modelling. In addition to being an ardent lover of nature, she is a trained bharatnatyam dancer and enjoys playing chess. She has won several interschool awards for chess Tournaments, dance, Painting, Karate, and Athletics and has served as the head girl of her school. Being a confident and quick learner, she wishes to know more about herself when put in different situations. She lives by the Sanskrit quote “yadbhavam tad bhavati” which translates to, “your feelings or attitude in any given situation decides the outcome”, making her a dreamer and an optimist.

She is best described as a passionate learner, ambitious go-getter, confident performer, and determined goal-setter. She aspires to start a sustainable fashion brand and influence people to adopt sustainable ways of living and conserve natural resources. And she takes great inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo’s journey toward success. she aspires to become a professional model and inspire young girls that no dream is too big.

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