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Brands leveraging the power of AI to make hospitals smart

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By Shiv Rajvanshi

The past two years have been extremely difficult for humanity. Covid came as a complete surprise and took the world by storm. Healthcare industry and the medical fraternity stood up to the occasion and did the very best to sail through the situation. It was a disease that was completely new, the virus was mutating at a rapid rate and no treatment could be figured out. Since it spread quickly, doctors too were getting infected. This was the time when AI helped and figuring out possible treatment for it as data emerged from world over. Virtual consultations with doctors through AI helped in contactless consultations. This encouraged the healthcare industry to take the leap and go virtual. India is home to some futuristic brands that used AI in healthcare, way before the world realised the need.

Avisa Smart Hospitals

Avisa Smart Hospitals is a revolutionary health-tech startup that transforms conventional hospitals into smart hospitals through not just automation and digitization, but also through requisite medical expertise. Benefitting all stakeholders – patients, doctors, management and staff – Avisa is revolutionising hospitals by Operate and Manage model that offers a wide of array of tools like Smart Pharmacy, Smart Diagnostics, Smart Health App, in addition to an iOT-enabled Smart Mini Lab that does 30 instant tests, including key vitals, and provides the reports to doctor, patient as well as EHR. The model has already been a success in India and UAE.


It was founded with a mission to integrate healthcare system and bring together doctors right on your mobile phone for telephonic and video consultations. Started in 2008, it gave the patients a chance to consult a doctor from any part of the globe. As the doctors are rated, and have reviews about them, one can find the best doctor they are looking for. During Covid times, it came as a blessing, since patients could not go out easily. This AI enabled app has a directory of doctors for offline consultation as well.


Ever since we have known, the only solution for breast cancer is early detection which is possible through physical check ups and mammography. Many women don’t go for testing or screening due to lack of awareness or time. With the help of AI, Niramai has launched a high-resolution thermal sensing device. This handy device is easy to use and does not need a huge setup. Thus, it can reach all parts of the world, even the small clinics, bringing breast cancer screening closer to the women. It is comfortable compared to a physical test, and women can get screened by a doctor with whom they are comfortable with.


This 2015 app connects the pharmaceutical companies to the consumers and provides them medicines right at the doorstep. All one has to do is provide a prescription by an affiliated doctor, and the medicines will reach you within 24 hours, that too with discounts. Since the pharma saves on distributor profit and retailer cost, it passes down the profit to the consumer. It is a boon for elderly patients who cannot go out to collect medicines, but need medicines on a regular basis. Working on e-commerce model, PharmEasy has created a niche for itself, as it quashes the scam of fake medicines.

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