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Canadian International School, Bangalore hosts its 10th edition of Model United Nations conference

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Bangalore: The 10th edition of Canadian International School Model United Nations (CISMUN X), was held recently at its campus with participation from far and wide. This prestigious event witnessed the presence of 19 Schools and 350 delegates spread over South India and South East Asia, making it the largest conference in CIS history. The conference theme, “Fostering Peace: Piece by Piece ” encapsulates the methodology required to mitigate problems with world affairs and global politics today; working one step at a time to instill hope in a world that appears ever-fragmented.

The participants had the opportunity to engage with a rich variety of thought-provoking agendas from 11 enthralling committees. Special committees such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) discussed current issues and conflicts across the globe. While vetoes were flung left and right with no passed resolutions, delegates had successfully emulated the UNSC experience. The World Health Organisation (WHO) deliberated on measures to expedite health provision for victims of humanitarian crisis.

Ronojoy, Grade 12 Student of Canadian International School, Bangalore, who was part of the Model UN meet said: “Intertwine, integrate, interlace. This was the mantra that we, the CISMUN X Secretariat endeavoured to inculcate during our recently concluded conference. The true success of CISMUN X stems beyond the fact that we amassed 340+ passionate delegates across 19 schools from within and outside of Bangalore; witnessing the confluence of diplomacy, reconciliation, and a wholehearted passion to engage in global issues by all the delegates was immensely inspiring and gratifying. In an era, full of ever-fragmentation, we trust that CISMUN X established the foundations necessary to assist everyone on their quests as global citizens.”

At the conference, delegates made an astonishing 968 Points of Information (POIs) and a resounding 839 speeches. The participation of a large active body of delegates to draft ingenious and creative resolutions to alleviate pressing issues around the world ensured that the discourse was rigorous, fruitful, and comprehensive. Delegates worked passionately as they debated, researched, and collaborated amongst each other for three continuous days and passed 20 resolutions overall, amassing towards the success of the conference.

Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore, said: “The event allowed the delegates to learn more about United Nations practices as well as engage in meaningful and knowledgeable conversations about various topics across the globe. The amalgamation of excitement and enthusiasm as the conference approached was accompanied by hard work, dedication and continuous support from countless faculty and staff members. We look forward to fostering collaboration and global citizenship among our future leaders through many more transformative experiences.”

Guest speakers included Ms. Meena Raghunathan and Mr. Viswanathan Raghunathan for the opening ceremony whose thought-provoking and versatile speeches ensured that delegates and chairs were filled with new ideas and ready to take on a variety of different perspectives for the rest of the conference. The closing ceremony concluded with a speech from Mr. Mathieu Weiss, a member of the French Space Agency and embassy in India, who discussed the intersection of science and diplomacy that had everyone engaged and curious to learn more.

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