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Celebrate Love with a Personal Touch with TTT and Philips Airfryer’s IG Film #MakeNotBuy

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Mumbai: It’s that time of the year, when cupid weaves love in mysterious ways. With Valentine’s day 2024 around the corner, Terribly Tiny Tales, India’s most  revered storytelling platform, renowned for its heartwarming narratives centered around love and relationships, unveils an IG film titled #MakeNotBuy with the Philips Airfryer, featuring newlyweds Mukti Mohan and Kunal Thakur, urging viewers to express their affection by preparing a romantic homemade meal for their partners this Valentine’s Day. The campaign beautifully portrays the idea that homemade gestures of love are irreplaceable, whether it’s cooking a favorite meal from scratch, baking cookies with care, or crafting a handmade card.

In our chaos-driven lives, we have almost forgotten to pause and reflect to embrace the simple pleasures of life. What alone happened to the charming old-school romance? The tiny acts of love, little surprises and intimate home dates over lavish outdoor spreads! High on nostalgia, the ad campaign is crafted to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024 with a romantic culinary gesture with the  help of a Philips AirFryer, to  pleasantly surprise your better half and strengthen your bond. The essence of the love campaign is to add an extra layer of love, warmth and  personalization to Valentine’s Day 2024, igniting passion and affection in your relationship. It encourages viewers  to rekindle the romance this Valentine’s day by cooking a hearty homemade meal for your partner. The IG film features the recently married dance icon and actress Mukti Mohan and Indian Actor & Model Kunal Kapoor, for the first time as newlyweds, adding more authenticity and depth to the narrative.

Cooking for your partner is perhaps the most underrated expression of love, that can revive bonds and add a fresh perspective to your relationship. The #MakeNotBuy campaign by TTT, for Valentine’s Day 2024, is crafted with love compelling audiences to ditch that elaborate outdoor dinner this Valentine’s and instead opt to cook for your special ones. Picture your loved ones’ faces lit up with that simple bowl of their favorite comfort food, laced with a homemade aromatic coffee.

Anuj Gosalia, CEO of TTT, “ TTT has always celebrated the idea of romance and enduring relationships with every campaign. The #MakeNoBuy campaign for Valentine’s Day 2024, in collaboration with Philips AirFryer, celebrates the nuances of love and highlights the power of simplicity and warmth, in expressing love to your partners. With this campaign, we aim to inspire individuals to rediscover the joy of making for their loved ones, transcending beyond the conventional notions of romance. The campaign celebrates the charm of old school romance, and encourages viewers to go the old-fashioned way this Valentine’s. We believe that cooking for your partner, a seemingly ordinary act, holds immense power in conveying affection and strengthening bonds. We are certain that the campaign will be a success in stirring affection amongst partners and will encourage them to experiment with cooking. There couldn’t be a better collaboration than with Philips Air Fryer for the campaign to endorse this property, to weave a magical narrative that resonates deeply with our audiences.”

Pooja Baid, Chief Marketing Officer at Versuni India, shared her excitement, stating, ” At Versuni, we believe in the power of love and its seamless connection with the culinary world. The #MakeNotBuy campaign is not just about flavors; it’s a celebration of the heartfelt moments we create through the joy of cooking. The overwhelming response to our #TasteOfLove campaign last year was truly heartening. This year, we are bringing it back with even more passion and creativity. Our goal is to reach a wider audience, spreading the message that a thoughtful, homemade gesture can create lasting memories. With Versuni’s exceptional range of domestic appliances, we empower consumers to make this Valentine’s Day and the entire month of love extraordinary.“

This Valentine’s  Day is all about #MakeNotBuy. Here’s hoping we all wake up to baked muffins and coffee with our special one this Valentine’s.

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