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Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research hosts Academic IT & Operations Conclave

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Mumbai: The 2024 IT & Operations Conclave was organised by AIMSR & ASBM, with the theme “Emerging Technologies: Operations & Beyond” and visionaries from a variety of backgrounds debating the direction of education in India.

The panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Rishi Sareen, Director-Technology at DTDC Express Ltd, featured esteemed speakers: Mr. Rajesh Patil, CTO, Asfaleia Information Systems; Mr. Kiran Belsekar, EVP, CISO & IT Governance, Aegon Life; Mr. Vinod Marar, Head Supply Chain, CEAT Ltd.; and Mr. Ajinkya Vaze, Associate Program Manager, Merkle Pvt. Ltd. They delved into the topic “Exploring Ethical Frontiers: AI in Modern Business Operations.”

The insightful and thought-provoking speech by Capgemini India’s Senior Director, Dr. Prasad Ramanathan, focused on how evolving technology impacts people and processes. A special thank you to Mr. Sreenivas Rao of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Global Head of Supply Chain, for his insightful presentation on incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into daily operations.

Commenting on the conclave, Dr. Sunita Srivastava,  Dean Management and Director, AIMSR said, “The common buzzword in the boardroom of organizations is Industry 5.0 which is all about data and platforms. She introduced the theme of the IT and Operations Conclave as: “Emerging Technologies, Operations and Beyond”. She also added that from enhancing operational efficiency to creating entirely new business models, technologies are driving unprecedented transformations across industries. AI and ML enable businesses to automate processes, analyse vast amounts of data and derive actionable insights. IoT enhances visibility and responsiveness in various operational aspects. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology reduces the risk of fraud and errors, promoting trust among stakeholders. AR and VR technologies are transforming the way businesses operate by providing immersive experiences. Robotics and automation technologies are reshaping industries by replacing repetitive and manual tasks.”

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