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Global Education Leaders Converge at 2nd Annual ASU+GSV & Emeritus Summit

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New Delhi: The 2nd Annual ASU+GSV & Emeritus Summit convened today, bringing together a diverse array of global leaders committed to advancing education and skills development across the “Pre-K to Gray” spectrum.

Held at The Oberoi Hotel in Gurugram, the Summit opened with a dynamic address by Michael Moe, Founding Partner and CEO of GSV, setting the stage for an insightful exploration into the transformative potential of the “East.” In his opening remarks, Moe articulated a compelling vision for the ASU+GSV & Emeritus Summit as the premier gathering of minds driving innovation and progress in education and skills development. Emphasising the pivotal role of regions including India, MENA, Africa, and SEA, he underscored the importance of harnessing the collective power of these regions to drive global transformation.

The Summit commenced with a thought-provoking discussion featuring Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 Sherpa and a leading advocate for governance reform and policymaking. Kant delved into India’s remarkable growth trajectory and the critical role of its youth in shaping the nation’s future. Their fireside dialogue illuminated the imperative of nurturing a robust education system that seamlessly integrates academic knowledge with skill development, propelling India toward becoming a global leader in higher education.

With over 1,10,000 start-ups flourishing in India, Kant shared insights from his experience as a key architect of the country’s startup ecosystem. Exploring themes of innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship, Kant’s perspective offered invaluable lessons for fostering a culture of innovation and propelling India’s economic narrative forward.

The Summit also featured a captivating fireside chat between Dr. Chris Howard, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Arizona State University, and Eric Garcetti, the U.S. Ambassador to India. Delving into Ambassador Garcetti’s multifaceted journey — from Rhodes Scholar to Mayor to diplomat — the conversation underscored the importance of servant leadership, technology, and global sustainability in today’s interconnected world. Highlighting the significance of India in the global landscape, Ambassador Garcetti emphasised the pivotal role of partnerships between nations and institutions in driving progress and innovation.

Ambassador Garcetti also shared, “One of the remarkable aspects shared between India and the US extends beyond mere brilliance or operational technological entrepreneurial spirit. The 4Ps: Peace, prosperity, planet, and people are central to the US mission in India, supplemented by the 5th P, which is principle. Presently, what eludes us is the construction of a robust social community. I highly value education that fosters social cohesion—a space for learning discourse, engaging in debate, and respectfully acknowledging disagreement. Cultivating a sense of belonging is paramount; we must actively cultivate it.”

The event saw panel discussions on topics like Exporting EdTech of the East to the World, AI’s Potential to Transform Education: GSV Spotlight, Students of the East – Driving Global Higher Education Demand, Skilling at Scale for the New Age of Work, Reimagining K-12 Education in India, Back to the Future: New-age EdTechs Going “Offline”, Transforming Online Higher Education at Scale and more. The 2nd Annual ASU+GSV & Emeritus Summit is a testament to the power of collaboration and dialogue in advancing education and skills development worldwide.

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