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China seizes map shows Arunachal as part of India

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From Bhupen Goswami  

GUWAHATI : China has made fresh infiltration from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to India in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh and has also settled more than 1000 villages there. China has established a village with pucca houses in India’s controlled areas in Arunachal Pradesh. India’s Foreign Ministry says it is monitoring the reports. At this time, more sensitive news has surfaced that the Chinese government has been furious that it has not been able to hide the truth. China, which often has a greedy eye on the land of others, was outraged to see the truth in its own country. China was so outraged by the map showing Arunachal Pradesh as part of India that it was seized. In fact, customs officials in China have seized a large consignment of world maps showing Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. These maps were to be exported.

 Like China, news has emerged that the maps were wrapped in about 300 export consignments in the name of ‘Bedcloth’, which were seized by the Customs Department at Shanghai Pudong airport. The consignment worth about $600 was seized during an investigation by the Customs Department at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. In fact, China claims arunachal pradesh to be part of south Tibet, which India has been rejecting outright. India says Arunachal Pradesh is an integral and integral part of it. It may be recalled that China had passed a new law in 2019 making it mandatory for all maps to be raided and sold and exported in the country to be kept in accordance with the official format of the Chinese map. The official format reflects China’s claim to Arunachal Pradesh, Taiwan and the South China Sea. ‘Map is the main form of representing the national sphere, which is serious for its political, scientific and legal importance. It further said that the problematic maps will confuse the international community about China’s territory or it will be publicized by people with secret objectives.

In the same year that the rule came into force, the Chinese Customs Department destroyed more than three lakh maps for export on the ground that they were not compatible with the official maps of the country. It is mentioned that the dispute between India and China on the LINE of Actual Control (LAC) for more than a year is not going to stop. Eleven core commander level meetings have been held between the two countries and China had suggested monday, July 26, for the 12th meeting, but India was celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas on this day, so the meeting could not take place and now a new date is awaited.

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