CM Chouhan holds meeting of Energy Department

Bhopal: Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the “Flexi Plan” will be implemented in the state with the purpose of providing sufficient power for irrigation to the people of the state and for saving electricity. While on the one hand, the implementation of this scheme will enable farmers to get adequate power as per their convenience, on the other hand, about 1.5 thousand MW power will be saved daily, which will save about Rs one crore per day.

Chief Minister  Chouhan was holding a high level meeting of Energy Department in Mantralaya today. Chief Secretary  Iqbal Singh Bains, DGP  Vivek Johri, Principal Secretary Energy Department  Sanjay Dubey were present in the meeting.

Current Power Capacity (Daily)
SourceCapacity in MW as on 01.11.2020
State – Thermal5,400
State-Water power917
Joint undertaking  and other Hydel2456
Central Sector5,055
Private sector1942

Hours of power supply during the day must be increased

Chief Minister  Chouhan said that at present farmers are being provided electricity for irrigation in day and night. In Rabi, it is quite difficult for the farmers to irrigate their fields in the winter season, so the hours of electricity supply for irrigation during the day should be increased. As far as possible, farmers should be provided electricity for irrigation during the day.

Study “Gujarat Model”

Chief Minister  Chouhan said that at present, entire power for irrigation is being given to the farmers in the daytime in Gujarat. He issued instructions to the Principal Secretary to study the Gujarat model, and provide electricity to farmers in Madhya Pradesh as per their convenience and requirement.

Energy Department lauded for uninterrupted power supply

Chief Minister  Chouhan appreciated and congratulated the entire staff including Principal Secretary of Energy Department for ensuring uninterrupted power supply for irrigation and domestic purposes.

Bill of Rs 100 on electricity consumption up to 100 units

The Principal Secretary informed that at present, a bill of Rs 100 is being given on the consumption of electricity up to 100 units. Similarly, bill of Rs 384 per month is being given on the consumption of 100 to 150 units. For bills above this, electricity is being provided at normal rate. Chief Minister  Chouhan directed that it should be ensure that every poor person gets low cost electricity. Also regular recovery of electricity bills must be ensured.

Awareness campaign must

Chief Minister  Chouhan said that besides providing low cost electricity to the poor and farmers, it is also essential that consumers pay electricity bills regularly. For this, public awareness campaign should be conducted.

What is “Flexi Plan”

Currently 11 KV power from agricultural feeders is being supplied for 6 hours a day and 4 hours at night for irrigation in the state. Under the “Flexi Plan”, electricity will be supplied for the same time, but power will be supplied at low load time except at peak load time. The highest load time is 9 am. Therefore, power will be supplied on other timings. Under Flexi plan, electricity will be supplied in ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ groups.

Under this scheme, maximum demand for power is expected to be reduced from 16 thousand MW per day to 14 thousand 766 MW. With the decrease in power demand, farmers can be provided additional power and electricity can also be sold to other states.

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