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Combat Ready India force capable to spoil enemy aggression in any terrain

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From Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Military exercise is on from Indo-Pak  to Indo-China borders  to thwart the nefarious designs of the enemy. The border dispute with China has been going on for a year and a half, but now India is going to have a masterstroke that will not only compensate for the strategic losses in Galwan but also respond to China in its own language, with the help of Russia. The Modi government is going to induct at least two regiments of Air Defence System S-400 (Air Defence System S-400) in Ladakh and Arunachal region in early 2022.

 China’s irritation over the move is a sight to behold as India’s border dispute with the Dragon continues in both the regions. The Indian Army is conducting exercises from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh and Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh. This is an army naval exercise called EWT, that is, Exercise with Troops. Speaking at a press conference today, Lt Gen Ravin Khosla, Commanding Officer, IV Corps (Gajraj Corps), Indian Army covering the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, said that in June-July, the Army conducts war games at different levels. In which all possibilities are discussed and under what circumstances the Army will react is outlined. It involves planning an operation by talking on every angle. It is done on paper in a way after which it has to be verified in the ground. At present, different commands of the Army are validating it in different geographical conditions and weather. He also said that the Army Southern Command exercise is underway in Jaisalmer which was launched in the first week of this month.

 It is checking at the ground level how to carry out operations against the enemy in desert conditions. All arms including Army Infantry, Artillery, Armoured, Air Defence are participating in the same. Artillery plays an important role in this as guns play an important role in any operation in the desert. The exercise is also validating operations for integrated warfare. It is being tested how the Navy, Air Force and BSF along with the Army will carry out the operation. The ongoing exercise in Jaisalmer has been completed by the Indian Army on November 26. Speaking at a press conference, Lt Gen Ravin Khosla said defence minister Rajnath Singh and Army Chief General MM Narwane will also visit Jaisalmer on the last day of the exercise. About 400 paratroopers will also perform parajump simultaneously on that day. It is because of the close relationship between India and Russia that India is getting two S-400 systems in such a short span of time. That is why Russian President Vladimir Putin is arriving in New Delhi on December 6 to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite the Corona virus epidemic, Russia has trained the Indian team in the S-400 system.

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