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Community members of Free From Diabetes (FFD) rally to build diabetes awareness through a Nine  Km  walk

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Noida: About 80 members of a Non-government Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) club from various parts of the National capital region including Gurugram, Noida and Faridabad joined the keeping diabetes at bay Diabetes Walk/trek in Hidden lake trail in Aravali’s South of Gurugram to support the prevention of diabetes and encouraging more active and healthier lifestyle.

Members from various walks of life including Chartered accountants, Executives, Business women and professionals from various fields covered total distance of 9 KM in the rough train of Aravali’s. Walkers and trekkers were motivated by cheers and warm up exercise. Oldest member of the trek was 67 year old lady. The main aim was for achieving Strength, Stamina and flexibility for prevention of this reversable lifestyle disease. 

“Diabetes is more common in underserved communities where there is a lack of resources and medical attention to address chronic diseases. Health related community event nder taken by FFD club members is  both fun and educational, and the recent Keeping Diabetes at Bay 9 KM Walk and Trek  was one of those events,” said Mr Shishir Sharma , one of the felicitators of the event .

“We also wanted to bring the message that while some people may be genetically predisposed for diabetes, having the disease doesn’t have to be a lifelong burden, There’s a lot you can do to reduce the complications from diabetes and live a full life. One of those ways is by being physically active and having a healthy lifestyle.” Added Mr Shishir Sharma.

“ Such events are an opportunity for the community to come together to learn about diabetes and promote healthy lifestyles. Because the disease is so prevalent in every part of the country  there is a year-round need to continue to promote diabetes awareness and such events “said another facilitator Payal Grover

“Physical activity is an important part of overall wellness efforts, and walking is something almost anyone can do. In diabetes education, we emphasize the importance of regular physical activity as a way to help prevent or reduce the impact of the disease.” Said Ms Deepika Garg.

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