Countries giving protection & support to terrorists must be held accountable: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said terrorism is the biggest problem in the world today. He stressed that countries that give protection and support to terrorists must be held accountable.
The Prime Minister was addressing the 12th BRICS Summit via video conference on Tuesday evening. He expressed happiness that under Russia’s leadership, BRICS’ counter-terrorism strategy has been given final touch. He said India will take it forward during its leadership. He added that during its leadership of BRICS, India will promote digital health and traditional medicine among BRICS countries.
The Prime Minister highlighted that due to the strength of its pharma sector, India was able to provide medicines to over 150 countries during COVID-lockdown period. He said country’s vaccine production and delivery ability will help mankind in the same way.
The Prime Minister emphasised that reforms in the UN Security Council are very important. He said India expects support from BRICS partners on this issue. He pointed out that several other international organizations are not functioning according to the contemporary realities and institutions such as WTO, IMF, and WHO need improvement.
He stated that India has been a core supporter of multi-laterism and the entire world is considered a family in Indian tradition. He said India’s commitment towards UN’s values has been paramount. Mr Modi said this year’s theme – Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth- is not just contemporary but also futuristic. He said the world is witnessing major geostrategic changes which will have an impact on stability, security and growth.
Prime Minister Modi also paid tributes to the soldiers who were killed in the Second World War. He added that more than 2.5 million soldiers from India were active in this war on many fronts like Europe, Africa, and South East Asia. 

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