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Election 2022: AFSPA a source of concern for BJP in Manipur

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From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : More than 18 crore people from five states are scheduled to decide the fate of all political parties for the next five years on March 10. But before that, there is a constant change in the mood of the people, which is also fluctuating the political temperature of the parties. Manipur is called the gem of India and the passion for football speaks with people’s heads up. Chief Minister N Biren Singh himself has been a famous football player. However, his popularity as chief minister has diminished.

There is a visible anti-incumbency wave against the ruling BJP. The Congress wants to convert this resentment into a vote in the elections. But the Congress has a leadership crisis. In such a situation, the path is not easy for anyone. The BJP faces the challenge of saving power in the state. The party has set a target of 40 seats in these elections. However, the BJP had won only 21 seats in the 2017 elections. The BJP formed the government along with small local parties and the Congress had to pull out of power despite winning 28 seats in the 60-member Assembly.In these five years, the Congress itself tried to strengthen itself, but the efforts of party MLAs and leaders to change the party did not succeed much. The party’s biggest drawback is that it lacks big faces locally. Because, three-time Chief Minister Okram Ibobi is both the strength and weakness of the party. Local voters alleged that Manipur has been kept under control by the drug mafia in every election.

 Earlier there was a drug mafia with the ruling Congress. Now, it is under the control of the BJP. Voters have now rejected both the party Congress and the BJP for joining the drug mafia. The bjp’s gait, character and face have come to the fore. Despite winning less than Congress (28) seats in the 2017 Manipur Assembly elections, the BJP (21) government was reduced to the governor’s grace. Manipur BJP Chief Minister N Biren Singh and a top BJP leader have been embroiled in controversy. It may be recalled that since Myanmar and Thailand have borders with the State of Manipur, the drug trade from these countries is very high. That is why there are reports of large quantities of drugs, cookies being caught from this State day in and day out.

Official figures show that nearly 50,000 people are under the influence of drugs, and more than half of them are victims of drugs, coin. The drug trafficking situation in Manipur can be understood only by one fact. An Army colonel has also been caught in drug trafficking there. With this, the National People’s Party (NPP), led by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, started supporting it. In fact, the National People’s Party (NPP) is running a coalition government with the BJP. Moreover, trinamool Congress is also trying its best to increase the position of the organisation. According to the analysis, the BJP is hardly able to return to power in UP, the largest state in terms of seats, and Goa, the smallest state.

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