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South Western Railway has notified special trains between SMVT Bengaluru and Kochuveli for the convenience of passengers during the festive season.

Train No. 06555 SMVT Bengaluru – Kochuveli Special will leave SMVT Bengaluru at 16.30 hrs. on Saturdays, 23rd and 30th March 2024 to reach Kochuveli at 19.40 hrs, the next day.

Stoppages(Arrival/Departure): Whitefield(00.52 hrs./00.56 hrs.), Bangarpet(01.23 hrs./01.25 hrs.), Kuppam(01.56 hrs./01.57 hrs.), Salem Jn.(05.05 hrs./05.15 hrs.), Erode Jn.(06.20 hrs./06.25 hrs.), Tiruppur(07.08 hrs./07.10 hrs.), Coimbatore Jn.(08.12 hrs./08.15 hrs.), Palakkad Jn.(09.25 hrs./09.35 hrs.), Ottapalam(10.05 hrs./10.07 hrs.), Thrissur(12.17 hrs./12.20 hrs.), Aluva(13.18 hrs./13.20 hrs.), Ernakulam Town(14.00 hrs./14.05 hrs.), Kottayam(15.30 hrs./15.40 hrs.), Thiruvalla(16.09 hrs./16.10 hrs.), Chengannur(16.20 hrs./16.25 hrs.), Kayamkulam Jn.(16.40 hrs./16.42 hrs.), and Kollam Jn.(17.32 hrs./17.40 hrs.).

Train No. 06556 Kochuveli – SMVT Bengaluru Special will leave Kochuveli at 22.00 hrs on Sundays, 24th and 31st March 2024 to reach SMVT Bengaluru at 16.30 hrs, the next day

Stoppages(Arrival/Departure): Kollam Jn.(22.57 hrs./23.00 hrs.), Kayamkulam Jn.(23.35 hrs./23.37 hrs.), Chengannur(23.57 hrs./00.03 hrs.), Thiruvalla(00.13 hrs./00.14 hrs.), Kottayam(00.40 hrs./00.50 hrs.), Ernakulam Town(02.28 hrs./02.30 hrs.), Aluva(02.50 hrs./02.52 hrs.), Thrissur(03.40 hrs./03.43 hrs.), Ottapalam(05.08 hrs./05.10 hrs.), Palakkad Jn.(06.20 hrs./06.30 hrs.), Coimbatore Jn.(09.22 hrs./09.25 hrs.), Tiruppur(10.08 hrs./10.10 hrs.), Erode Jn.(10.50 hrs./11.00 hrs.), Salem Jn.(11.40 hrs./11.50 hrs.), Kuppam(14.11 hrs./14.12 hrs.), Bangarpet(14.39 hrs./14.40 hrs.) and Whitefield(15.15 hrs./15.16 hrs.).

Coach Composition: One – 2-Tier AC, Six – 3-Tier AC, Eight – Second Class Sleeper, Three – Second Class General & Two – Second Class General(Divyangjan Friendly) cum Brake Van Coaches.

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