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Southern Rilway operates 28 special train services for Holi festival 2024

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Southern Railway is operating 28 special trains to clear the extra rush of traffic owing to Holi festival and the extended weekend from 15th to 31st March 2024.  Of these, 12 special trains are bound for Northern destinations in Gujarat (Udhna), Rajasthan (Bhagat Ki Kothi), Uttar Pradesh (Mau), ,Assam (Dibrugarh), Bihar (Danapur) and West Bengal (Santragachi)  and Delhi.  The other services will be operated to Mysuru & Bengaluru and/or interlink the southern districts.

Holi Special trains

The following is the list of special train services for the upcoming Holi festival (From 15.03.2024 to 22.03.2024).

Sl.No.Train No.FromToNo. of servicesDate
2.06012NagercoilTambaram224-03-2024 & 31-03-2024
3.06019NagercoilDr MGR Chennai Central124-03-2024
4.06020Dr MGR Chennai CentralNagercoil125-03-2024
6.06030TirunelveliMettupalayam224-03-2024 & 31-03-2024
7.06037Dr MGR Chennai CentralMysuru127-03-2024
806067Chennai EgmoreNagercoil128-03-2024
9.06079Chennai EgmoreSantragachi122-03-2024
11.06181CoimbatoreBhagat Ki Kothi128-03-2024
13.06556KochuveliSMVT Bengaluru224-03-2024 & 31-03-2024
1406558KannurSMVT Bengaluru127-03-2024
15.09058Mangaluru JunctionUdhna125-03-2024
16.08837Dr MGR Chennai CentralSantragachi122-03-2024
17.06090Mangaluru CentralH. Nizammudin122-03-2024
18.06091PodanurMau222-3-2024 & 29-3-2024
19.06095Dr MGR Chennai CentralSantragachi122-03-2024
20.06096SantragachiDr MGR Chennai Central124-03-2024
23.06051Chennai EgmoreTirunelveli123-03-2024
24.06052TirunelveliChennai Egmore125-03-2024

Special arrangements by Southern Railway for efficient crowd management during Holi festival

Commercial Staff Deployment: Additional Commercial staff including ticket checking staff are being deployed at major stations to conduct checks

Additional Booking Windows: To enhance passenger convenience, extra booking windows were opened at various locations.

Crowd Control Measures: Elaborate crowd control arrangements are being implemented in Platforms, concourses and circulating areas of major railway stations anticipating heavy footfall during the festival season.

Passenger amenities: Concerted measures have been taken to ensure the availability of battery cars, wheelchairs and stalls selling food, water and economy meals at major stations

Sufficient watering and Cleaning: Arrangements for watering of trains as well as cleaning of coaches at originating/destination as well as at enroute stations as per schedule

Timely Announcements: Passengers are being kept informed about train and coach locations, timings of regular and special trains through prompt announcements, Digital display boards, etc. enhancing overall awareness

Security Measures: Government Railway Police (GRP) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel were deployed to ensure smooth crowd regulation and prevent stampede-like situations during peak rush hours. RPF staff in CCTV Control Rooms kept a vigilant eye on crowded areas, providing real-time assistance to passengers. At originating stations, a queue system for entering general coaches was established to streamline boarding processes.

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