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New Delhi: The five day UP International Trade show inaugurated jointly by President Draupadi Murmu along with UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath showcases states might in various fields including technology, art, crafts, textiles, carpets, traditional and modern healthcare, and agriculture, promising a successful show.

The expo spread across 15 exhibition halls is a perfect mélange of big and small companies highlighting their products under flashy lights as well as more subdued settings. Companies like Vivo, Tata, LG, BMW, Mercedes and Honda draw the attention of both young adults and international visitors to their well-illuminated stalls, while there are stalls with handcrafted products by almost unknown makers hoping to sell as many items as possible during the weekend.

The Ayurvedic companies known and unknown and fresh and packed farm products are the major highlight of the global expo. Some of the ayurvedic companies participating include Dabur, Baidyanath, Hamdard, Cure Herbal Remedies, Zandu, Patanjali and Himalaya.

“we are getting very good responses as lifestyle diseases are on the rise and trust towards traditional herb  based medicines is on the rise and new products are being introduced into the markets , public health issues, and concerns surrounding their safety are also increasingly being recognized. About 80% of the rural population uses medicinal herbs or indigenous systems of medicine. It is estimated that nearly 960 plant species are used by the Indian herbal industry, and the turnover of the industry is more than Rs 80 billion.” Said Mr S.M.Ahmed of Cure Herbal Remedies, Saharanpur .  

Around his stall there were others, some of them displaying solar panels, others tech products, health apps, and even drones. Garuda Aerospace was one of them, showcasing its drones and attracting many tech-savvy visitors. Another drone company, TSAW, which operates from the IIT-Delhi campus displayed its drone models in the exhibition zone.

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