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Flavour Trends in Foods for 2022

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By Vinod Rajasekharan,

A profound disruption in consumers eating habits during the pandemic has led to shift in preferences in the flavour world. Reduce tarianism, clean labels and zero waste will be the slogans for coming year in the food world.Daring combinations with reduced calorie load, classic backed by exotic additives will be more welcoming in flavours.

1.            Sensorial Experience

Bold and spicy blended with sweet flavours will give a new kick in bakery.Smokey, cayenne, chipotle & international peppers can offer new inspiration.Mexican hot chocolate, mango habanero, chilli raspberry will be featured in bakes.

2.            Botanical but Familiar

Floral flavours infused with classic favourites will elevate daily routines.Unique flavours like elderflower and lavender etc. can go well with coffee, apple, passionfruit etc.

3.            Nostalgia Upgraded

Consumers are still keen to revisit their favourite pastime treats, but with an updated twist and less calorific value.Expect new variants of coconut caramel, cookie butter, cherry, green apple.

4.            Island Holidays

A blend of traditional and tropical island ingredients will entice the wanderlust to travel through taste buds. Coconut curry, yuzu, Carribean spices, guava, tropical mango can offer a treat.

5.            Healthy Punch

Foods rich in medicinal values like moringa and turmeric can be seen as flavouring ingredients.From teas to salads, smoothies and even chocolates, these healthy seasonings will be wellness-minded additions.

*The author is Director, Sales and Marketing, Stonefield Flavours

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