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FreshToHome brings clean label Ready-To-Fry meaty snacks

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New Delhi: The world’s largest fully integrated online brand in fresh fish and meat e-commerce, FreshToHome has recently added another feather in its cap. By launching India’s first clean label Ready-To-Fry (RTF) meat snacks on its platform, FreshToHome has successfully bridged the gap between great taste and good food.

With no preservatives and no artificial additives, its lip-smacking assortment of crunchy snacks offers a quick and guilt-free fix for satiating people’s munching needs through the day. Ready in under 5 mins, this Signature Snacks range consists of 8 chicken-based snacks made with prime cut meats and real, familiar ingredients, and 2 vegetarian options.

The Ready-To-Fry category has seen accelerated growth in the last 2 years due to increased demand for convenient snacking options at home. Fueling this growth are youngsters/millennials living alone, working professionals and households with demanding kids. Mothers are constantly seeking snacks that not just taste great but are also safe for their children.

Shan Kadavil, Founder, FreshToHome said, “We are proud and excited to introduce on our platform India’s first clean label Ready-To-Fry meat-based snacks, catering to the ‘choti bhook’ and munching needs of our consumers. Since the RTF category is a huge opportunity, we wanted to launch snacking options that are differentiated from the market. And the best approach was to launch a range which embodied the FreshToHome promise of #nochemicals, #nopreservatives and #noshortcuts while delivering a superior taste experience. It is our commitment to give our consumers a clean label product sans E numbers without compromising on quality and taste unlike most snacking brands having E numbers (denotes food additives) displayed inconspicuously at the back of the packaging.”

FreshToHome’s Signature Snacks range also doubles up as a great party starter when hosting friends and family. The range includes Crunchy Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Chilli Garlic Fingers, Crunchy Chicken Popcorn, Crispy Chicken Chipotle Fries, Crunchy Chicken Kebab Bites, Chicken and Cheese Nuggets, Chicken Jalapeno Poppers, Chicken Burger Patty, Veg Burger Patty and Cheese Corn Nuggets.

To launch this range, FreshToHome has kickstarted a 360-degree campaign which includes a main film featuring famous actor Nauheed Cyrusi as the lead, in addition to product films on digital, and influencer videos on social media. The campaign has been conceptualized by creative agency Action & Co. The agency has also developed the new packaging design to convey great taste and quality, resulting from procuring directly from poultry farmers and FreshToHome’s emphasis on clean ingredients.

Speaking of the campaign, Viduthalai Marudachalam, founder, Action and Co. said, “Ready To Fry category in itself, is intensely competitive. So, to ensure a clutter breaking conversation, we had to curate a thought, that’s not only fresh but would also bring out the nascent truth of the product. That’s when the idea of ‘fresh crunch’ was born. A unique audio first beat that substantiates the sound of a fresh bite! This seamlessly allowed us to integrate the product truth of a clean label with no preservatives. It’s a fun way to encourage healthy snacking. Overall, it’s peppy, sticks to our mind and serves the purpose.”

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