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“From Corona Epidemic to Arogya Revolution: On the Path of the Vedas”

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Hyderabad; Jan Urja Manch, an organization promoting public health has organized a lecture on  “From Corona Epidemic to Arogya Revolution: On the Path of the Vedas” on Sunday at Pragati College here at Koti. The keynote speaker  was Dr. Hitesh Jani, a world-renowned Ayurveda Professor, former Principal of Gujarat Ayurveda University, from Jamnagar, Gujarat. Dr Jani and his Lokayurveda team in Gujarat and various parts of the country  have treated corona with simple remedies of Ayurveda like treated ginger power.

Dr. Jani said in his lecture that if we follow the rules described in Ayurveda in our daily life, then we can achieve complete health and health. Emphasized the need to make Ayurveda accessible to the people to make India self-reliant.

He said that we can get complete health only by adopting indigenous Indian way of life by changing our daily modern way of life. There are many side effects of western lifestyle which are the biggest cause of increasing diseases.

He also attributed the current life pattern to many problems in women, which have a very bad effect on the health of the fetus. He emphasized on the attainment of a good child through the rituals described in Ayurveda.

The program was attended by Ajit Mahapatra, the All India cum Gowseva chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, who described Panchagavya and Ayurveda as the need of the hour.

He greatly appreciated the social work of Dr. Nishita and the team of Jan Urja Manch.

Founder member and secretary of Jan Urja Manch, Dr. Nishita Dixit said in her welcome address at the program that Jan Urja Manch is committed to furthering the program of gestation under the leadership of Dr. Jani Ji. Women will be made aware on this subject so that an advanced and healthy future generation can be created. At the same time, the forthcoming project of the forum, Wellness Resort and Health Research Center will be taken forward under the guidance of Lokayurveda and the campaign to create awareness about health and health by ancient Indian knowledge will be carried out on a larger scale.

The program was attended by Dr. Karishma Narwani, a gynecological Ayurveda specialist from Jamnagar, Govind Aggarwal, President of Agrawal Samaj Telangana, Ambalaal Patel, Treasurer of Shri Gujarati Pragati Samaj, Correspondent Gopal Patel as distinguished guests.

The Natural Eco Living Group, Gujarati Pragati Samaj, Agarwal Samaj and many social organizations gave their support to this program. On this occasion, the poet Amitabh Bhatnagar presented the book written on cow service to Mahapatra ji and Dr. Jani.

The event was sponsored by Vedika Solutions.

Forum members Suresh Sharma, Bharti Patel, Diwakar Singh, Kamal Soni, Chandan Thakur, Prativa Gupta, Praveen Tirandas, Mansi Patel, Anika were present.

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