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Priyanka Gandhi amuses audience in Assam by plucking tea leaves with tea workers

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 From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : Continuous efforts are being made by the Congress to reach out to different sections and woo them in the Assam assembly elections. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is on a state visit. On Monday, she had darshan at kamakhya Temple and met party workers in Lakhimpur district. Later the Congress leader arrived at the Sadhuru tea plantation in Vishwanath District on Tuesday. In the garden, Priyanka was seen in working dress like other employees of the tea garden. They pluck tea leaves with their hands and put them in the basket. Wearing a saree, the 49-year-old had a basket on her back balanced by one hand on her head. She also wore an apron as she took on the task of plucking tea leaves.

“The life of tea garden workers is full of truth and simplicity and their labor is valuable to the country. Today I understood his work, felt the difficulties of his families and their lives well,” Gandhi tweeted with pictures of himself interacting with tea workers. I will not forget the love he has received from him,” he added. Earlier in the day, he received a warm welcome at the tea plantation, photos of which were shared by The Congress on its official Twitter handle.

This time the electoral fight in the state is between BJP and Congress-AIUDF combine. The Congress is trying to reach out to all sections in the electoral state. He is working under a strategy for this. Electoral analysts believe that Priyanka’s Kamakhya temple is an attempt to attract Hindu voters. Priyanka is trying to connect youth and women with a coalition of seven Congress-led parties from her two-day visit. Priyanka had two meetings in the state on Monday. His first meeting was held with the youth in Lakhimpur while the second programme was with the tea plantation workers and women help groups at Gohpur. The BJP is also looking at these two groups. Speaking at the BJP government in Lakhimpur, the Congress leader said, “You are the biggest force of the state. I have come here to start a programme for all the people. The demonstration will now be in every district and block of the state. You need to know your leader. If you do not know the truth, you will not be able to secure your future.

 Priyanka Gandhi questions PM Modi! What happened promise to give 2.5 million jobs? He said the BJP government had promised to provide 25 lakh jobs here but in five years they did not even give 80,000 jobs. Addressing the women in Gohpur, Priyanka appealed to her to vote for the Congress alliance. He said, “When the elections come to a close, they are distributing the scooty… are helping self help groups. What were they doing for the last five years? Your life is very difficult. You don’t have to keep quiet. Crimes against women have increased in the state. The Government has done nothing to stop the crime. In Assam, the Congress has announced 5 guarantees for the state if the Congress will form in power. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi addresses mega rally at Tezpur in Assam. Priyanka Gandhi said that Assam is your mother and you are fighting to save your identity and existence.

The BJP government did not fulfil the promises made to you and also attacked your identity. We are not giving promises to you. These 5 guarantees are to improve your future. 1-We will enact a law which does not apply to the CAA here. For the housewives of Assam, rs. 2000 per month will be given a housewife honour amount. 200 units of electricity will be free which will save Rs. 1400 per month. We will give a remuneration of Rs.365 per day to the tea plantation workers. We will give 5 lakh jobs to the youth. A sea of people turned out for Priyanka Gandhi’s mega campaign rally in Tezpur. All top leaders of Assam Congress joined Priyanka Gandhi at the rally. BPF chief Hagram Mohileri, whose party had recently joined the grand alliance after snapping up ties with the BJP, was also present at the massive rally. However, Assam assembly elections will be held in three phases. In the first phase, 47 seats in 12 districts will go to polls on 27th March. In the second phase, 39 seats in 13 districts will go to polls on April 1 while 40 assembly constituencies in 12 districts will go to polls on April 6. Counting of votes will be held on May 2

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