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Gautam Solar TOPCon Solar modules bag BIS certification

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Mumbai: In alignment with the country’s target of achieving 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030, leading solar module manufacturer Gautam Solar’s latest high-efficiency TOPCon solar modules have now been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). With this development, Gautam Solar’s high-efficiency Topcon modules are ready for shipping in India for developers and solar system integrators. Gautam Solar’s TOPCon modules are already certified as per UL & IEC standards and comply to certifications required in US, Europe markets.

The main advantage of Gautam Solar’s 590 Wp TOPCon Solar Modules is that it has same size as 550Wp Mono Perc and still offers a higher efficiency and produces approx. 5% more energy every year compared to normal Mono PERC Solar Modules. Gautam Solar TOPCon modules degrade only up to 87.4% of their initial rated power at the end of 30 years compared to normal Mono PERC modules which degrade to 84.8% in their 25-year lifecycle. This makes Gautam Solar’s TOPCon a preferred option for developers, system integrators who get more power per m2 from same land areas and they get BOS Cost Savings of 3.26% and LCOE reduction of 1.56% over existing technology.

“With the BIS certification for our TOPCon modules, we are one of the first few manufacturers in India to start production and supply these revolutionary solar modules, to commercial, industrial, and utility-scale customers. Gautam Solar Topcon modules offer significant advantage over Mono Perc and BIS approved modules can now be used by Indian developers, EPC companies & system integrators” noted Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar.

Gautam Solar’s TOPCon 590 Wp modules offers an enhanced energy conversion efficiency of up to 22.84% and optimized bifacial power generation performance. In TOPCon Cells, a thin tunneling oxide layer is applied on a Silicon Substrate, followed by a layer of highly doped Poly Silicon and Passivated Contacts. The tunnel oxide layer allows charge carriers to pass while minimizing recombination losses. The passivated contacts reduce surface recombination. Due to Phosphorous doping in TOPCon, as opposed to Boron doping in normal Mono PERC, free electrons are generated, which increases the efficiency of the cells, and hence the resulting modules. As a result,

Gautam Solar’s TOPCon modules have degradation rates of 1% in Year 1 and 0.4% subsequently, as opposed to 2% in Year 1 and 0.55% subsequently for normal Mono PERC Modules; thereby increasing the longevity of the modules. The modules incorporate market-leading technologies like multi-busbar (MBB) with round ribbon for lower electrical losses and higher light utilization and non-destructive cutting technology for lower chances of micro-cracks and greater mechanical strength.

Gautam Solar’s TOPCon solar modules certified as per UL & IEC standards were earlier showcased at the Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo in October 2023, where the company’s team of experts highlighted the advanced technologies incorporated in the modules and their efficiency.  With BIS certification now, the technology is accessible to Indian solar market. Gautam Solar is expanding its manufacturing capacity to 2 GW, a majority of the expansion being in TOPCon solar modules as it believes that this is the technology for the future.

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