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Global Hyperautomation company Zvolv launches ‘Z-wall’ generative-AI orchestration engine

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Mumbai:  Zvolv, a leading global enterprise hyperautomation company today announced new generative AI capabilities along with the launch of the 3.0 version of its micro-services Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) platform. The new middleware – Z-wall – expands Zvolv’s already extensive enterprise automation and app-building functionality with built‑in capabilities that enable leveraging the power of generative AI in next generation enterprise AI apps.

The unveiling of these new Zvolv capabilities was done at Zvolv’s annual CXO meet held this month at the glitzy JIO world convention centre in Mumbai, attended by 50+ CIOs and CEOs from leading enterprises across industry verticals like retail, aviation and logistics, and several of the Zvolv ecosystem partners.

Enterprises today are rushing to adopt generative AI in every possible area, whether to increase productivity, enhance decision-making powered by data-driven insights, or to improve customer and employee experience. However, privacy and scalability concerns hinder organizations from fully embracing AI into their applications. The risk of sensitive data leak is high, the time and cost it takes for deploying private GPT models with adequate controls on usage, reliability and compliance is significant. With rapid evolution of generative AI technology coupled with a scarcity of developer resources, platform approaches to developing new AI applications give fast Time to Market (TTM), low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and eliminate risk.

Zvolv’s hyperautomation microservices platform combined with the Z-wall AI orchestration engine will empower businesses to rapidly deploy the world’s best AI and automation capabilities in their products and services, enabling its customers to realize the promise of generative AI in a secure, trusted way.

“The age of web/mobile apps is now evolving into an age of AI apps, which will dominate the vast majority of the 500M+ enterprise applications to be developed in the next 3-4 years. From a point and click based DIY (Do it Yourself) capabilities of today’s apps, we will see a lot more conversation based GID (Get it Done) capabilities in future AI apps. Today’s new workforce is already getting accustomed to leveraging generative AI in many aspects of their life outside work, and the same level of intelligence and experience will be expected from workplace applications. By leveraging a combination of generic and fine-tuned intelligence in LLM (Large Language Model) models, AI apps will be inherently smarter, more efficient with advanced automation and above all offer a human-like conversational user experience.” said Hardik Gandhi, Chief Executive Officer, Zvolv.

The integration of generative AI in the Zvolv microservices platform will enable enterprises to build AI apps in hours with little to no developer dependence, driving an overall enterprise AI strategy with privacy, security and ethics at the core of the transformation.  

–        Integrate new human-like conversational and logical reasoning capabilities into the application interfaces, beyond traditional graphical interfaces

–        Enable business users to converse with their data, to get faster and more contextual access to organizational knowledge and deeper AI driven insights

–        AI-assisted app-building journeys with citizen developers being able to develop more intelligent and deeper automation compared to traditional LCNC builders

“We are averaging 100 hours to build a traditional enterprise app today, with business technologists driving 60-80% of the build process with basic training from the Zvolv Academy. The integration of generative AI into our LCNC builders drives an assisted build journey, which will now enable citizen developers to build end to end, and integrate more advanced AI driven automation into their applications, in under 10-20 hours,” said Sujoy Chakravarty, Chief Operations Officer, Zvolv.

The newly announced Z-wall AI orchestration engine is an integral component to enable the Enterprise AI future, not only isolating the enterprise’s private data from public LLM models, but also governing the usage of generative AI in the variety of new enterprise AI apps.

   Acts as a conduit between the enterprise systems of records and engagements, accessed via the Zvolv microservices layer, and a variety of supported LLM models, private or public, governing access, ethics and optimizing cost.

Maps the enterprise people, data and process knowledge, enables embeddings, chunking, summarization, semantic search, masking, logging and other necessary data operations to enable effective generative AI usage

  Will improve user experience multifold by reducing app fatigue amongst end users by combining a multitude of AI and traditional apps into a unified enterprise-AI ‘Super App’ that orchestrates information and actions across the enterprise

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