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Guilt-free Munchies From Natch Snacks

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Mumbai: Gone are the days when convenience triumphs over health, Natch snacks, the healthy snacking brand is the answer to all your healthy munching needs. Celebrating the Nutrition Month with some tasteful flavors, Natch Snacks is here to amp up your daily snack routine and get you going on your way to living healthy without a compromise. Perfect for all ages and individuals from different walks of life, Natch Snacks since its inception in 2018 has emerged as a pioneering force in promoting healthy eating habits through its plant-based, gluten-free and natural products palpable to everyone addicted to snacks. Born from a desire to bridge the gap in India’s snack market, Natch Snacks introduces premium, plant-powered, and impeccably natural snacks crafted to satisfy cravings without compromising on nutrition.

Natch Snacks, a creative venture by the US-based dynamic duo Meher Vakil and Matthew Taff, is causing a buzz in the world of guilt-free munching and is committed to offering revolutionary products that are healthy as well as delicious. The diverse product lineup features a variety of irresistible options, including Thai rice chips, chickpea-popped chips, and their signature mango slices. For regular chip lovers, the chickpea-popped chips are available in barbeque and garlic & herb variants. The Thai rice chips are another unique offering that gives you the fiery kick that you have been craving, curated with toasted Thai sticky rice, these chips are a perfect blend of sweetness and spice. The chickpea puffs that are available in vegan cheddar, hot chilli, barbeque and smoky chipotle are something that will appeal to every snack lover. These mouthwatering snacks have quickly gained popularity among health-conscious millennials and Gen Z consumers in bustling metro areas and tier-1 cities.

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