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HackerEarth Assessments now on Zoho Marketplace

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Bengaluru: HackerEarth, a leading technical assessment and interview solution provider, today announced a partnership with Zoho Recruit, a leading provider in the end-to-end hiring solution space. Through this partnership, Zoho will be integrating its smart cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Zoho Recruit, with HackerEarth’s advanced, skill-based developer screening platform, HackerEarth Assessments.

This integration streamlines the recruitment workflow of recruiters and hiring managers by allowing them to send comprehensive coding assessments to job applicants, directly from Zoho Recruit’s hiring software dashboard. They also get to view, study, compare, and track the performance of different candidates, all on the same platform.

“Every day, we strive to make the work of recruiters easy. Our partnership with HackerEarth is a step in that direction. This integration will allow recruiters to send out coding assessments to their candidates no matter which stage they are in and receive status reports, all from a single system. Digitising and automating the evaluation process makes recruiters more efficient,” said Kothandaraman Shanmugam, Director of Product Management, Zoho Recruit.

“The pandemic has put an end to all forms of face-to-face applicant assessment methods, at least for the time being. Even beyond COVID, there will be long lasting changes in the remote hiring industry. Our collaborations with talent acquisition platforms like Zoho Recruit will prove to be extremely beneficial for recruiters in the coming days, and will allow companies to continue their hiring endeavours in a completely automated, secure virtual environment streamlined for efficiency,” said, Anand Hariharan, Senior Product Manager at HackerEarth.

So, how can recruiters benefit from this integration? Once a candidate applies for a job, recruiters and hiring managers can:

  1. Automatically create assessments based on role, skill, or JD on HackerEarth Assessments
  • Conveniently invite candidates to take online coding assessments in the click of a button
  • Access 12K+ questions from HackerEarth’s pre-built question library & build customized assessments
  • Assess candidates in over 41 programming languages & over 500 developer skills using 11 different assessment types.
  • Conduct tech interviews with Shortlisted candidates through HackerEarth FaceCode
  • Plug the assessment and interview data back into Zoho Recruit automatically to seamlessly keep track of the candidate journey
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