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Healthcare digital transformation partners to trust in 2023

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The Healthcare industry has seen a rapid digital transformation in the last decade which skyrocketed in Covid times. As we understand, the pandemic affected people across the globe and there was an extreme amount of pressure on the doctors and nurses as well as other nursing staff to take care of the needs of the patients. With the intervention of technology, the doctors could reach out to more patients through virtual meets, the AI enabled chatbots could save precious time of patients as well as doctors. At the core of this digital revolution there have been some health-tech companies that made this and a lot more possible through their innovative technology. And in the future we can expect more such ground breaking innovation from them. Here’s a list of some of them.

HealthViewX (Payoda Technologies)

Payoda Technology Inc is known for ushering in technological innovations in various sectors, and HealthView X is their digital transformation entity in the healthcare sector. HealthView X by Payoda Technolgies uses the futuristic tech of Clinical care orchestration, where patient as well as doctor both benefit from information available on one platform. It provides a Value based Care Application Suite that works on referral management system and increases revenue while providing chronic care management for patients and principal care management along with remote monitoring of patients.


It uses digital information and communication technologies to manage and gain access to health care facilities. Through computers and mobiles patients can now receive medical aid for mental issues as and when needed even in the remotest parts of the world. Through Sesame one can find local doctors for in person visit. BetterHelp enables the patients to connect with reputed names in the mental healthcare spectrum, and also to gain access to mental and behavioural therapies. Talkspace enables you to connect with your therapist through video or audio calls. Telehealth nursing and Telemedicine Software too help the healthcare centre to use their time efficiently.

Mocero Health

Rightly believing that the future hospitals will work towards more personalized healthcare, which is accessible digitally and uses innovative and integrated ways to provide solutions to the patients. Thereby, they are trying to build a ‘digital hospital without walls.’ With digital transformation of the entire hospital system, they are focused on care delivery and engagement, leading to connected healthcare that will lead to solving of major problems through connected care.

Citius Tech

They understand that to truly transform a hospital digitally one will need to use tools like next-gen technology, analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It powers the future of healthcare by partnering with leading healthcare and life science organizations. It offers end to end solutions in all domains leading to organizations that are reinventing themselves, deliver better outcomes and impact the patients meaningfully by evolving according to the needs of the growing healthcare industry.

This is not all, future holds much more scope for digital interventions in the medical field, and soon we will be able to see the results and truly live in a futuristic world where we get medical attention at the click of a button.

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