Home Ministry asks States to probe rape cases within two months

New Delhi: Home Ministry has asked states and union territories to complete probe in rape cases within two months of the reporting of an incident. It said, any failure on the part of police to adhere to the mandatory requirements in crime against women will be inquired and necessary action will be taken against officers concerned. In a fresh advisory by the Home Ministry, states and UT’s have also been asked to monitor the cases on the Investigation Tracking System for sexual offenses to ensure that suitable action is taken on the chargesheet of the accused in a timely manner.

Home Ministry said, there should be compulsory registration of an FIR in case of a cognizable offence under the CrPC. It said, the law also enables the police to register an FIR or a Zero FIR, in case the crime is committed outside the jurisdiction of the police station, in the event of receipt of information on commission of a cognizable offence, which includes cases of sexual assault on women. 

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