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Homeopathy can cure COVID 19, claims Dr Pachegaonkar

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Puducherry: Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar veteran homoeopathic physician and Director, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homoeopathy, Puducherry claims “there is effective treatment in Homeopathy system to counter COVID 19”.  According to Dr Pachegaonkar, who has been practicing for over four decades narrates his success in treating a COVID 19 infected patient:

Preliminary details of A Case of Covid 19 infection I am treating

Male patient DLT age 52 developed sore throat chills and fever for 2 to 3 days. Initially he was treated for Urinary Tract Infection and Typhoid by conventional treratment. He is known case of Diabetes mellitus Type2. He developed difficulty in breathing. The CT Scanchest revealed Multifocal Peripheral subpleural patchy areas of ground glass opacities seen in both the lungs predominantly in lower lobes. This finding indicates the presence of Covid 19 infection. TheCovid 19 rRT-PCR test detected SARS CoV-2 RNA in the sample.

Wife of the patient who has been from a family on homoeopathy under Dr. Anil Habbu of Pune. She immediately called us for homoeopathic intervention. She procured two sets of whole range of medicines1suggested by us covering the symptoms of Covid 19 in various cases. Through brother in law of patient I had forwarded general information regarding homoeopathic approach in the form of video2.

On viewing changes in base of lungs indicating suggesting COVID 19 we started homoeopathic course of treatment. He had marginal difficulty in breathing. At an outsetwe gave him Camphor 30, one dose every 10 minutes for three hours on very first day. Aconite nap 30 given as SOS for fear and dyspnea which promptly helped him.

Next day (Day two) morning we gave Aconite 30 every 10 minutes one dose for two hours. After the gap of one hour we followed it by Ferrumphos 30 every 10 minutes for two hours. This was followed by Bryoniaalb30 hourly for 6 hours. By evening the blood test (sample given on previous day) report confirmed Covid 19 infection diagnosis by detection of SARS CoV-2 RNA in the sample. The patient was asked to get admitted in isolation ward for Covid 19 patients by health authorities. He carried complete set of 12 homoeopathic medicines in the hospital during isolation. He was advised to take Aconite 30 SOS as and when need for discomfort in breathing.

On day three the patient was asked to take Eupatorium perf 30 every 10 minutes for one hour in the morning later to be taken hourly for 6 to 8 hours.  On day four Sepia 30 was given every 10 minutes for one hour later to be taken hourly for 6 to 8 hours.  On day five we Natrummur  30 every 10 minutes for one hour later to be taken hourly for 6 to 8 hours. 

The patient was asked to take  one sip of Aconite nap 30 SOS (4 globules diluted in half glass of water sip by sip) whenever he had difficulty in breathing. He used keep the dose of Aconite 30 in water at night in anticipation and take it. On day four he developed dry cough which was promptly alleviated by FerrumPhos 30 SOS for dry cough.

From day six onwards we repeated the cycle of Eupatoriumperf30 , Sepia 30 and Natrummur30 on consecutive days. In between he developed slight spasmodic cough with distress in breathing which were promptly alleviated by 4 doses of Aralia Racemosa 30. Once he had dry cough with dryness in throat which was helped by one spell 4 doses Spongiatosta 30 at an interval of 10 minutes.

In the course of hospital patient was initially depressed due to fear about recovery from the disease, sleep deprivation, poor appetite and anxiety. The patient and his relatives were counseled that fever rather than being bad sign, it could indicator of immunity getting roused against the virus. The patient stopped getting  the episodes of difficult breathing. After four days being uneventful in the hospital he developed good confidence about the recovery. On day eight his sample was taken for blood test. It came out to be negative indicating that his viral load lowered below detection level.

Other Family members under home quarantine-

Prior to the diagnosis of his COVID 19 infection his son was escorting him to hospitals for treatment and investigations until confirmed diagnosis. Even his son who is 25 yrs started developing fever (1020 F).  On May 12th Son was given Camphor 30 every 10 minutes for two hours followed by hourly for 6 hours. Mother (82 yrs) had marginal cough but no other symptoms. She too was given similar course of medicines proactively considering that she has contracted the disease.  They were asked drink ample of fluids especially before each meal. They have been advised to eat fresh healthy food in moderate quantity. They were advised to eat early dinner and go to bed early to ensure adequate sleep.

We started homoeopathic course of medicines with presuming that they also have contracted the disease without waiting for laboratory confirmatory test. We started with similar aggressive repetition like doses given to the patient. Son had rhinitis with one sided nasal block and anosmia.  It was not easy to approach health authorities for the confirmatory tests. Both of them are doing well without any complications besides common cold, mild sore throat and headache. The lead role was taken by wife of the first patient who was stuck 600 kms away. From her child hood she has been brought under homoeopathy. Very senior homoeopath from Pune Dr. Habbu has been their family physician. It was she who was taking first hand details of all three members and apprising me of each development regularly twice a day.

Now as the main patient has tested negative for viral load of SARS CoV-2, the family has sigh of relief. We are looking forward to complete recovery of the sequelae of COVID 19 in his lungs and complete restoration of his health.   

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