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Hyderabad has the most adopted cats in the country

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Hyderabad: Hitex to host 6th edition of PETEX India 2023 Show. PETEX is India’s largest Pet expo for Dogs, Cats, Fish and Exotic Pets.  Starting from B2C it is now transforming into B2B.

It is estimated that India has 2 crore adopted dogs and about 80 lakh cats.  The adoption of cat is catching up in Hyderabad.  Hyderabad has the most adopted cats in the country.

Mr T G Srikanth- Business Head, HITEX; Ms Archana Naidu – Managing Partner, Seven Oaks Pet Hospital; Ms Hema Bhanu – Founder Felica & Dhanchikottu; Mr Chandrakanth Reddy, Owner – Chandu Pets Mr Laxmikanth – Founder, Petfolk; Mr Chandrasekhar, Canine Behaviorist & Owner – Progressive Canines; Mr Yasser Jabri – General Secretary, Indian Cat Club and Ms Manasvi Chaudasma, Founder- Joellas Dog Care addressed a press conference on Saturday at Hitex and announced the forthcoming Petex.  It will be held for 3 days from 22nd to 24th December.

PETEX is not merely an exhibition.  It is a commitment to building a community that cares deeply for the welfare of our furry friends and understands their profound impact on our lives, declared Srikanth TG, Business Head, Hitex, the show organisers.

It will have 50 exhibitors featuring Pet food, Pet Healthcare, Pet Fashion and Lifestyles, Pet Accessories, Pet Toys, Pet Boarding,

It will be a platform for the pet industry, manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers to present products for pets and innovative pet supplies to Industry experts, and business visitors.  30,000+ visitors are expected to visit it during the three days.

The show will have a display of 50+ varieties of Ornamental Fish like Silver Arowana, Flower horn, Koi fish, Giant gourami, Alligator gar, Tiger Oscar, Albino Oscar,  Red parrot fish, Pufferfish, Kissing gourami, Cichlids 4 types, Scats fish, Tiger shark, Twin fin barb, Red cap Goldfish, Oranda goldfish,  Pacu fish, Rosy barb, Tiger barb, Succer catfish, Tetras 5 types, Channa fish, Lobsters, SK gold, Molly’s 3types, Silver dollars, Black ghost fish and many more

Therapy Dogs Workshop and demo will be organised during the show by Bangalore-based Ms. Subhadra Cherukuri.  The workshop is aimed at pet parents, psychiatrists and psychology students, dog trainers, schools, people working with special needs / mental health-related institutions that focus on mental health such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc., institutions that work with special needs such as autism, ADHD, learning disabilities etc.

Subhadra Cherukuri is a certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Therapy Dog trainer. Having quit a 16-year career as a management consultant with Ernst & Young, Subhadra is the founder of Wag-ville, a premier pet resort in Bangalore, as well as Miracle Equine Center – a horse-based learning centre. Subhadra is also a certified Animal Assisted Therapy practitioner, who works with special needs individuals through dogs and horses and is also an Equine Facilitated Learning Coach certified by the European Association of Horse-Assisted Education (EAHAE).

Yoga with Shelter Puppies and Art with Shelter Puppies will also be organised.

The Aquascaping Workshop will be conducted by Mr. Mayur Dev.   WCF International Cat Championship Show will be held during the PETEX.  It will be organised by the Indian Cat Club. It will be held 23rd & 24th with over 100 Cats participating in the show.  Ms. Olga Kuznetsova & Ms. Ekaterina Drozhzhina from Russia will be judges for the show.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Archana Naidu – Managing Partner, Seven Oaks Pet Hospital informed that they were coming up with a state-of-the-art multi-speciality pet clinic in Hyderabad.  It will be ready to open in the first quarter of next year.  It will be the largest, 20,000 ft, commercially owned clinic coming up in Jubilee Hills on Road No 44. It is being set up with a vision to make Hyderabad the Veterinary Capital of India. It is being set up by Dr Shree Reddy and Dr Sandhya Reddy, celebrated veterinarians from the USA. It will have many firsts such as  Animal Blood Bank, Electric Crematorium, and MRI for animals (first in India). Seven Oaks Pet Hospital would like to be Apollo for Veterinary Care and Medicine in the city.  It has the first Fear Free Certification. Fear Free Certification is a new concept in veterinary medicine which aims to recognise and reduce fear, anxiety and stress associated with visits to the veterinary hospital.

PETEX will focus on our responsibilities & requirements on stray dog issues, on advancements in pet healthcare & the third investments and business opportunities in the pet industry. Speakers from US & Egypt with vast experience in the veterinary field will speak.  It will be attended by over 60+ veterinarians from across the country.

A few Exotic Birds and Reptiles were showcased at the press conference.  Progressive Canines also organised a Dog Demonstration. Dogs   Agility, obedience etc Competition were demonstrated.

The entry is priced at Rs. 412/- for adults and Rs. 267/- for kids. The ticket is valid for entry into the HITEX HYDERABAD KIDS FAIR too, which is being held at the same time in the venue.

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