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Illusion to provide international warranty on metal-free restorations and aligners

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Mumbai : Illusion Aligners, with a legacy of 32 years, has delivered smiles to patients in India and across the world. With its international experience, it continues to bring the best and help dental practitioners grow their practice.

To assure dentists of quality and to give patients peace of mind, Illusion Aligners would like to introduce something that has never been done before. For the first time in India, starting August 1, Illusion Aligners will provide International Warranty on all metal-free restorations and aligners.

Sameer Merchant, CEO of Illusion Aligners, said, “Giving warranty in the medical industry is rare and, since dentistry is thought to be about appearance, having warranty for your crowns, bridges and aligners which you can avail of anywhere in the world gives patients peace of mind. Dentists can now confidently tell their patients to set their teeth right anywhere and anytime with our International Warranty!”

In today’s day and age, health care is expensive. However, with Illusion Aligners you don’t only get a warranty on your aligners but it is an International warranty! This is where it becomes a game changer… Because if you are someone who is starting a new chapter of their life in a new city and want to look their best, Illusion Aligners is the way to go! Choose Illusion Aligners and get an assured smile while you live and travel internationally.

What is even better is that if you get the Illusion Aligners PRO, you will receive the fastest aligner treatment with international warranty. Making it 2x better as the treatment is 2x faster! Illusion Aligners are 55.55% faster than any other clear aligners. Achieve your desired smile with Illusion Aligners PRO!

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