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Innovative School Programme linked with SDGs and NEP 2020 launched in Telangana.

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Warangal: Shell and Smile Foundation have come together to launch ‘NXplorers Junior’, an innovative educational programme in Khammam and Warangal districts of Telangana. During the first year, 70 schools in both the districts will be included in the programme.

Shell and Smile Foundation plan to benefit 25,000 school children through the NXplorers programme in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Telangana during the first year.

NXplorers is Shell’s global flagship Social Investment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational programme which aims to benefit school children by enabling them to understand, navigate and address local and global challenges, as underlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). NXplorers is also aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 and it envisions to complement the latter’s objectives.

Smile Foundation has been implementing the innovative programme NXplorers, benefitting less-privileged students from government schools, studying in rural and hard-to-reach areas. Its design also includes endeavour to create awareness amongst parents on the importance of STEM education, especially for girls.

The programme is being rolled out in concurrence with the educational authorities of the state government. Besides students and teachers, parents and communities are also involved actively while implementing the programme so that it remains sustainable in the long-term.

The NXplorers Juniors programme will train and nurture school children in the age group of 10-12 years. The courses will be delivered through a combination of teacher’s guide, PowerPoint slides, and several instructional videos. The facilitator guide will outline the essentials to be covered in each session, exercises, discussion, checkpoint questions, a summary, assessment, and research to be undertaken by students after the session.

The specially designed ‘NXplorers Junior Workshops’ will administer the importance of water, improving food production and promoting energy conservation. Further, it aims to nurture ideas and develop change project models and prototypes to encourage students to bring the best out of their lessons and meaningfully contribute solutions to the global challenges.

Dr. K. Ravikanth, State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET), Hyderabad opined, “The initiative of NXplorers juniors by Shell and Smile Foundation has created a platform for the young generation to understand and explore global problems and create simple solutions. This programme takes a design thinking model, and I personally believe that this flagship initiative will nurture the young minds to create great ideas.”

Smt. K. Madhurima, District Welfare Office, WCD, Warangal said, “This STEM Education programme launched in Warangal focusing on girls is really praiseworthy. I wish the best of success for Smile Foundation and the team for rolling out the programme in Telangana.”

“I feel that application-based education is paramount in nurturing the young minds. Smile Foundation, through its intervention pan India, and especially with Shell NXplorers Juniors programme is intending to do the same. I wish them the best in this effort,” said Mr. Narayan Reddy, Eminent Educationist, Telangana”

“The NXplorers program, designed to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEM skills among students, aligns perfectly with Smile Foundation’s mission of empowering underprivileged youth through quality education. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Shell’s dedication to creating lasting societal impact and equipping young minds with the tools they need to shape a sustainable future, “said Shell.

“We are excited to implement this innovative programme with the support from Shell, with an objective of complementing government efforts. We are optimistic that the children will not only leverage STEM education in realizing their aspirations in the near future but also will develop leadership ability in finding sustainable solutions in various walks of life. Smile Foundation firmly believes that, provided with the necessary skills and guidance, children and young people can be a driving force to find sustainable solutions to the major global challenges of our time,” said Mr. Santanu Mishra, Co-founder & Executive Trustee, Smile Foundation.

Smile Foundation is a national development organization directly benefitting over 1.5 million underprivileged children and their families every year through more than 400 welfare projects in education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment spread across 2,000 remote villages and urban slums in 25 states of India.

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