Intelligence agencies alerted the Government of India – China pushing illegal weapons through Thailand and Myanmar

From Bhupen Goswami 

Guwahathi: After the world’s devastation from Corona, China now wants to spread instability across the region through militants. Recently, the Myanmar army, in a gesture of gestures, alleged that China is supplying arms to the militant outfit Arakan Army to protect its interests in the region. According to the intelligence agency report, the same link now has a large cache of Chinese weapons in Thailand, which is preparing to bring it to Myanmar via South East Asian countries. Now, the Government of India has also established contact with the Thai and Myanmar government to find out whether this weapon is being brought to the North East of India. However, the easy flow of Chinese weapons illegally into Myanmar and India is posing a threat to regional security and stability.

Intelligence agencies have alerted the Government of India in this regard. A total of 423 illegal weapons including AK-47, M-16s, Chinese pistols and lethods have been recovered from the north-eastern states of India so far this year. Intelligence agencies have also said that China is supplying arms and ammunition to insurgent groups on the Myanmar border as they pay a good price. The agencies alerted the government, saying the major insurgent groups, especially the people of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram, maintain regular contact with Chinese intelligence agencies and have benefited from Chinese generosity and weapons. The agencies have reported that training of insurgent groups in the north-east, access to arms and ammunition and sheltering of deported terrorists and leaders are recurring aspects of China’s bi-terrorism against India.

Myanmar is located at a strategically important location. It provides an alternative land bridge for the indian ocean’s trade routes, eases the pressure on malacca strates and a wealth of natural resources for the development of the province of Greece. Sources said that recently a large consignment of China-made weapons containing about $10 million of ammunition, including AK-47 assault rifles, machine guns, anti-tank mines, grenades, has been seized in Mai Sot district on the Myanmar-Thailand border towards Thailand, sources said. This is not the only consignment of Chinese weapons which has been recovered. Earlier this year, 500 assault rifles, 30 universal machine guns, 70,000 ammunition, a huge grenade reserve and F-6 Chinese manpads were pushed at Monempty Beach near the coastal junction of Myanmar and Bangladesh. From there, the consignment reached the Arakan army camp in Sandak and was then smuggled into Rakhin using the Parwa corridor in South Mizoram. The seized weapons were originally Chinese-made and were to be smuggled to rebel groups on the Myanmar border, as they pay a good price.

In Myanmar, China is currently supplying arms and ammunition to the Arakan army, which is active in chin and Rakhine states bordering Myanmar. China is now using the Arakan Army, which has been declared as a terrorist organization by Myanmar. In 2019 when a phase of kaladan project was about to be completed, the Arakan Army had shifted its area of operation to Rakhine and southern Chin. In 2019 there were more than 593 clashes between the Arakan army and Myanmar, most of which were close to the Kaladan project. China provides up to 95 percent of the Arakan Army’s funding, the sources said. Chinese weapons supplied through Bangladesh and Thailand make clear that projects launched by India in Myanmar are at risk. Recently, the commander-in-chief of the Myanmar army, General “Min Ong”, while interviewing a Russian TV channel, said, “A country can easily wipe out terrorists, but if there is a great power behind them, then the world should come forward to help us”.

General Min Ong’s gesture was towards China, as a large number of Chinese weapons are being seized from the Arakan Army. The Myanmar army has already said that they need international assistance, so the Interest of the Government of India on this issue is pointing out that the Government of India can directly help the Myanmar army against China in the coming time. She can also be a military help and what other kind of support! The Myanmar army and the Thai army are investigating the matter. The Government of India is trying to send a big message to China by directly involved in this investigation.

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