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Keep Calm and Brew On: First Coffee’s Got Your Cup!

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New Delhi: First Coffee is introducing a fresh take on coffee for today’s trendsetters nationwide. Say goodbye to your “old and cold” brews and embrace a blend of coffee mixology with premium vibes, tailored to the tastes of the young and bold. Crafted from 100% Arabica beans, our single-origin single estate coffee guarantees top notch quality with every sip. Perk up your day with First Coffee, now Brewing at 3 hot spots in Delhi-NCR – grab & go at DLF Cyber Park, Gurugram or sit & savor at Pacific Mall in NSP, and Pacific Outlet Mall in Jasola.

Co-founded by Sohrab Sitaram, a pivotal figure in Delhi’s dynamic food and beverage scene and co-founder of the iconic brand Keventers; Shiv Dhawan, a serial entrepreneur and early-stage investor; and Chandini D Purnesh, owner of the picturesque Harley Estate, First Coffee epitomizes premium quality. The beans hail from Harley Estate, a sprawling coffee plantation nestled in Chikmagalur, renowned for its lush landscapes and serene lakes. Tailored for the young and young at heart, First Coffee aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive coffee culture across India by launching 35 new outlets by the end of 2024.

Step into the cutting-edge, modern cafes of First Coffee, where bold, minimalist design and a vibrant, youthful vibe set the stage for your java journey. Clutter-free spaces and a sense of community building create an experience that feels quintessentially Zoomers, Millennials, and Gen Exers. Bringing India’s first grab & go specialty coffee concept, First Coffee is poised to scale up across the city, bringing their lifestyle driven experiences to caffeine lovers everywhere.

Indulge in barista-crafted brews sourced globally, alongside refreshing icy beverages and playful boba tea selections. Ditch the basic brews and dive into our wild and wonderful world of specialty sips. From ‘The Untamed Espresso’ to the ‘Brutal Black’, our classic offerings pack a serious punch and if you’re feeling fancy, treat yourself to our signature creations – ‘The Thug Life Tropicana’  which is a double shot of espresso amped up with an electrifying dash of passion fruit or get bold with the ‘Cold Blooded Brew’ – an audacious elixir fueled by the bold bite of cascara syrup and for the adventurous, we’ve got the ‘Vicious Vietnamese Latte’ and the mind-blowing ‘Jelly Jolt Affogato’, where coffee meets ice cream meets jelly in the most delightful way! Not to forget the ‘The OG Cold Coffee’ – an ice-cold classic that never goes out of style from the Frappe section. The fun doesn’t stop there, Venture over to our Special Tea Squad and get ready to meet the squad. There’s ‘Teaminator’ – a sassy sip that’s a perfect blend of hibiscus and watermelon syrup then there’s the bold and bodacious ‘Cascara Thunder’, and the Green Outlaw, a tea so renegade it refuses to play by the rules. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the Boba Nova collection! Prepare to be blown away by the ‘Mango Boba Bomb’, a tropical tsunami of flavor,  keep it fruity fresh with the ‘Lychee Loca Bomb’. And if you really want to shake things up, the ‘Peachia Shakeup’ is the rebel yell your taste buds have been craving.

And it’s not just about drinks – satisfy your hunger with savory delights like Chicken Puffs, Corn Sandwiches, and Baked goodness to choose from the savory menu. Treat yourself afterward with irresistible desserts such as Croissants, Pineapple Chocolate Almond Praline, and Dreamy Parfaits that seem too good to be true.

Bringing utmost commitment to sustainable coffee farming practices, First Coffee ensures that every cup of our premium coffee is not just delicious, but also environmentally responsible. Our beans are sourced from a 100 year old legacy coffee estate, a sprawling plantation that prioritizes sustainable cultivation and ethical farming methods, safeguarding the land and communities that make our coffee possible.

Crafting a lifestyle of convenience and innovation that enhances your experience, Sohrab Sitaram says: “At First Coffee, our mission is to make exceptional coffee an everyday indulgence. We want to serve you the best cup, day in and day out, until it becomes an absolute must-have in your routine. Our specialty brews are made with uncompromising attention to detail, ensuring every sip transports your taste buds to coffee nirvana.” adding to this, Shiv Dhawan says –  “First Coffee is a movement reshaping urban coffee culture. From our initial outlets to nationwide expansion, we’re challenging norms and redefining coffee enjoyment. Embracing innovation and authenticity, First Coffee invites you to experience coffee as you’ve never tasted before—bold, distinct, and undeniably revolutionary.” As a fifth-generation coffee planter and co-founder of First Coffee, Chandini D Purnesh adds, “we are ushering in a new era of elevated coffee experiences. Our premium quality coffee is tailored to the discerning palates of the youth, providing an exceptional coffee journey that celebrates the scene of artisanal cultivation.”

Embracing a youthful spirit, the brand offers quality without compromise on affordability, ensuring every sip is enjoyed in style. So, what are you waiting for, fam? Join the coffee revolution with First Coffee and experience a whole new level of caffeinated bliss. Check out our website or slide into our socials to get the scoop. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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