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Mizoram police seize heroin worth Rs 6.46 crore, one arrested.

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 From Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: The nature of war is constant change” seems to be a foreboding of today’s world mired in many kinds of wars. Indian security forces are also engaged with their primary mission of ensuring national security from external aggression. There have been violations of national security in preventing various non-traditional threats emerging from terrorism, drug trafficking, gun-wielding, ethnic conflict, mass migration. India is one of the major hubs of drug trafficking, a senior Narcotics Control Board (INCB) official said in Guwahati today. Although drug abuse is rampant across India, regions in the north-west and northeast have massive links with the global pharmaceutical industry. “Mizoram Police Crime Investigation Department, CID (Special Branch) seized a huge consignment of heroin worth about Rs 6.46 crore in the international market this morning (September 14),” a senior Narcotics Control Board (INCB) official said.

According to police, around 1.292 kg heroin was seized from one Kamal Hussain. Acting on a specific input, the operation team of crime investigation department, CID (Special Branch), intercepted a vehicle operated by Kamal Hossain (27), Tripura, at Sailing in Aizawl district and seized 1.292 kg (99 soap cases) of four packets of heroin, valued at Rs 6.46 crore in the international market. Further investigation for forward/backward linkage is underway.In August this year, Mizoram Police had recovered four packets of heroin, arecanut and some exotic animals. As many as 50 soap cases of 626.58 grams of heroin worth Rs 3.13 crore have been recovered in the international market from David Jamdeihpiang (20) of Use village in Champhai district of Mizoram.

 On the other hand, 77 grams of heroin, valued at around Rs 38 lakh in the international market, was also seized from Laitui, a resident of Chinalmatuanga (20), a Myanmar national. Drug trafficking is a major international organised crime that has the potential to undermine national security, the official said. India’s proximity to the Golden Triangle is being misused by criminals for their nefarious activities. The growing nexus between drug traffickers and terrorist groups is a growing concern. Such complex security concerns can be tackled with a comprehensive review of military and governance arrangements with effective coordination between central, state and international governments in the region.

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