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Moonbakes Introduces 90s Inspired Menu; Offers Nostalgia in Every Bite

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Chennai: Moonbakes Chennai’s finest pastry and dessert studio, introduced its special Nostalgia menu, designed to transport customers back to the beloved flavors of the 1990s. Enabling customers to savor their cherished childhood flavors, this enticing menu, inspired by the iconic decade, includes Parle G Tres Leches, Custard Pull-Up Cakes, Chocolate Cake, and Pineapple Cake, delivering a nostalgic taste with a modern twist.

The 90s were a time when simple pleasures and unforgettable tastes filled our lives. Bringing these latest additions to the gourmet menu , Moonbakes aspires to recapture the essence of that era and pay homage to the flavors that have left an indelible mark on our hearts. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every bite of these 90s-inspired desserts whether one is reminiscing about the past or creating new memories.

The delectable menu brings a delightful take on the classic Parle-G biscuit with the scrumptious Parle-G  Tres Leches that boasts layers of moist sponge cake soaked in three different varieties of milk, topped with crumbs that provide the perfect balance of sweetness and nostalgia. Meanwhile the Custard Pull Up cake is soft sponge cake filled and topped with fresh fruits and comes with a side of custard sauce, making it the ideal delicacy. Reminiscent of the vintage Iyengar Bakery, MoonBakes has also added the all-time best seller, the sweet  and syrupy Honey cake to the slew. The menu also features the timeless classic chocolate buttercream cake made with dense chocolate sponge, truffle and buttercream ; and the quintessential pineapple cake made with light vanilla sponge, loaded with pineapple curd and chunks, making all  of it cherished reflections of the past.

The Parle G Tres Leches is available in two size options 300g for ₹550 and 500g for ₹850. The Custard Pull-Up Cake, which includes 500g of cake with 150g of custard sauce, is priced at ₹1200. The Honey Cake is offered in three different sizes: 500g for ₹800, 750g for ₹1200, and 1kg for ₹1600. The Chocolate Cake is available in both egg and eggless variations, with a 500g cake priced at ₹ 850. Similarly, the Pineapple Cake, in both egg and eggless versions, costs ₹820 for a 500g cake.

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