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Nari Sansad: A movement to elevate women in India

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By Aparna Sharma

India or Bharat is the only oldest civilization survived for millions of years despite of facing constant attack by the invaders at different point of time. The deep rooted traditions, practices and culture and the morals steamed out of our dharma is the secret behind longest surviving Indian civilization.

The credit for the survival of longest civilization can be conferred to Bharatiya women who are the binding strength and roots for the family, society and nation. Indian women faced multiple challenges everytime timeline of the century. During the vedic period they were carrying equal but superior position in family and society. They were learned and were participating in different activities according to their choice and capabilities. They were never forced to perform a particular role but they were aligned to the role allotted to them by the nature and society. It largely remained continued till the rule of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan. The invasion of Muslims changed the condition of women completely and they were forced to remained within the four walls of the house performing limited roles confined to the family. Again ,having mentioned, the same wasn’t throughout the Bharat, in south peninsular it was puranic and Upanishads era which changed demographic and geographical important role of women.

In post independent India women became a victim of crime and discriminated within the family and society. Presently 54 provisions and legislations are protecting women which also reflects their plight. From their birth till death they are discriminated from womb to pyre. Now they are fighting for equality and liberty. In post liberalized India the impact of globalization started women freedom movement. Post 1991 liberalization when the technology has broken the geographical barriers women received more exposure to the outer world. On the line of the American feminist movement a group of women started talking about liberty and started portraying household work and motherhood as less important and menial. Slogans like “My Body My Right’’ , ‘Pinjra Tod” started floating in  class one cities. Joint Family system is broken due to migration to nuclear family and now due to financial independence young boys and girls want to enjoy the full liberty without owning any responsibility through live-in relationship, smoking, drinking, remaining single or without bearing a child in a matrimonial home. These are now the symbols of women empowerment.

This change has raised some very serious question about the actual role of women in the family and society?  And simultaneously the role of family and society in women’s life. The recent reversal of the Roe v. Wade ruling (1973) of American Supreme Court about the right to abortion raised a debate about the extent of liberty for a woman.

Besides all the challenges of today’s world , there is a much need to restructure the terminologies of Bharatiya Nari to emerge with consolidated strenth of being one. The western concept and terminologies were emerged in their challenging times with their idea of women in the society which do not fit in completely with Bharatiya Nari .

It’s time we define our old cultural understanding and break the western concepts like freedom, empowerment and feminism and so on. Hence, we Bharatiya Nari can collectively uplift the conscience of the society and strengthen further.

It is time to discuss the meaning of women empowerment? what should be the actual meaning of liberty and equality? Can we imagine a society or family without a mother? Is motherhood a liability or responsibility? What is the contribution of women in nation building? All these questions are very relevant and require serious contemplation to create an ideal model.

The Lok Sansad launched on 8th April 2022 in New Delhi ,it is a brainchild of Senior Journalist Shri Ravi Shankar Tiwari,under the able guidance and mentoring by Shri K.N Govindacharya ji .

The Nari Sansad, is one of the pillars of Lok Sansad, an attempt to bring grassroot level change for betterment. This is an attempt to bring likeminded thoughts and people to brainstorm and come forward collective efforts bring the change.

  • The author is a social scientist working for welfare of women
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