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Net Zero Summit 2023 – Empowering Indian Industries Towards Sustainability

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Hyderabad: The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, in partnership with GEAR, India’s leading Material Handling Equipment provider, launched the first edition of the Net Zero Summit. Themed “Net-Zero 2023: Indian Industry Initiatives and Implications (4I),” the event convened on Saturday at IMT Hyderabad.

Huge investments in green technologies are needed to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2070. It is estimated that $160 billion is needed each year till 2030 to eliminate India’s energy dependence on fossil fuels. The Net Zero Summit marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainability, aiming to foster transformative dialogue and collaborative action within the Indian business landscape. The event kicked off at 1000 hrs on August 19th, 2023, and served as a platform for thought leaders, experts, and stakeholders to address the pressing issue of achieving Net Zero emissions.

The summit’s theme, “Indian Industry Initiatives and Implications (4I),” emphasizes the importance of four integral components: Innovation, Integration, Implementation, and Impact. These pillars underscore the comprehensive approach required for Indian industries to align with the country’s Net Zero goals.

Distinguished speakers and delegates, including representatives from the Government of Telangana, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Exide Energy, ITC Limited, Greenko, and Infosys, gathered to exchange insights and strategies. The event’s agenda included dynamic panel discussions and addresses that explored the diverse dimensions of Net Zero, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

Dr. K Sriharsha Reddy, Director of IMT Hyderabad, expressed the institution’s commitment, stating, “The inaugural Net Zero Summit reflects our dedication to shaping responsible leaders and promoting sustainable practices. Our partnership with GEAR signifies the alignment of academia and industry in driving positive change.”

Dr. Kalyana C Chejarla, Chairperson of Net Zero Summit 2023, emphasized the summit’s significance, stating, “The Net Zero Summit serves as a catalyst, propelling industries, academia, and advocacy firms to join forces in pursuit of sustainable practices. Our collective efforts will shape the trajectory towards a greener future.”

Dr Rajiv Sharma, Chief Advisor, Govt. of Telangana opined that decarbonization initiatives should be intensified in sectors like steel, cement, transport, power and emphasized on the need for green financing to fund such initiatives.

V Laxmikanth, Managing Partner, Pavestone Capital suggested to churn Big Data available on environment metrics to nurture exponential thinking and solutions to achieve Net Zero goals. He emphasized responsible buying behavior at consumer level to conserve energy.

Dr. Tulika Sharma, Chairperson, Centre for Sustainability & CSR, said “For business Schools like ours, creating platforms to facilitate sustained debates on environmental challenges impacting businesses is no longer a choice but an imperative, for we are responsible for nurturing the business leaders for tomorrow.”

Mr. Varun Chopra, Executive Chairman of GEAR India, highlighted the summit’s vision, stating, “The Net Zero Summit underscores our commitment to nurturing future leaders who are equipped to steer industries towards sustainability and innovation.”

Engaging panel discussions, expertly moderated by Dr. Saikat Banerjee and Dr. Kalyana C Chejarla, delved into the complex challenges and opportunities presented by the journey to Net Zero. Panelists from diverse sectors engaged in vibrant discussions, sharing valuable insights and practical experiences.

The Net Zero Summit 2023 concluded with a vote of thanks from Mr. Prakash Pathak, Head of Corporate Relations at IMT Hyderabad. Attendees, including students and industry professionals, lauded the summit for its thought-provoking discourse and its role in catalyzing positive change.

As the curtain falls on the inaugural Net Zero Summit, the resounding message echoes: collaborative efforts are crucial in achieving India’s ambitious Net Zero goals, and events like these provide the platform for actionable dialogues and sustainable transformations.

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