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New Time Table with effect from tomorrow

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The comprehensive update to Southern Railway’s Time Table is scheduled to come into force on October 1, 2023.

In Southern Railway, this revision signifies a major leap in improving train timings and significant enhancement in the speed of Mail/Express trains. Dedicated maintenance works carried out in the zone, essential infrastructure improvements and track upgrades are poised to bring about faster and more efficient train journeys for passengers.

Key highlights in Southern Railway portion of South Zone Time Table:

Ø  11 New Trains have been introduced

Ø  2 Trains have been amalgamated and operated as a single service

Ø  8 trains have been extended

Ø  Frequency of 2 trains has been Increased

Ø  34 Trains have been Speeded up

Ø  Experimental Stoppages provided for 199 Express Trains at Various Stations

Ø  5 Pairs of Express Trains have been diverted

Ø  Change in the days of Service of 1 Express Train

The major changes in timings of Mail/Express, Passenger trains as well as introduction of new trains, Diversion, provision of new stoppages, speeding up of trains, increase in frequency etc. which have been incorporated in new Time Table pertaining to Southern Railway is enclosed as Annexure – A.


I.       New Trains

The following 11 new trains have been introduced for the benefit of passengers as given below:

1.    Train No.20643/20644 Chennai Central – Coimbatore – Chennai Central Vande Bharat Express (6 days a week) (w.e.f 08.04.2023).

2.    Train No. 06627/06628 (76628/76627)Tiruturaipundi – Agastiampalli – Tiruturaipundi (5 days a week) DEMU Spl (Daily) (w.e.f 08.04.2023)

3.    Train No.06629/06630 (76630/76629)Tiruturaipundi – Agastiampalli – Tiruturaipundi (5 days a week) DEMU Spl (Daily) (w.e.f 08.04.2023)

4.    Train No.20683/20684 Tambaram – Sengottai -Tambaram Superfast Express introduced as Weekly w.e.f 08.04.2023. Operated as Tri-weekly w.e.f 01.06.2023.

5.    Train No.20633/20634 Kasaragod -Thiruvananthapuram – Kasaragod Vande Bharat Express (6 days a Week) (via Kottayam)  (w.e.f 25.04.2023)

6.    Train No.20607/20608 Chennai Central – Mysuruore Vande Bharat Express (6 days a week) (w.e.f 12.11.2022)

7.    Train No.20665/20666 Chennai Egmore-Tirunelveli Jn.-Chennai Egmore Vande Bharat Express (6 days a Week) (w.e.f 24.09.2023)

8.    Train No.20677/20678 Chennai Central-Vijayawada-Chennai Central Vande Bharat Express (6 days a Week) (w.e.f 24.09.2023)

9.    Train No.20631/20632 Kasaragod – Thiruvananthapuram – Kasaragod Vande Bharat Express (6 days a Week) (via Alappuzha) (w.e.f 24.09.2023)

10.  Train No.16361/16362 Ernakulam – Velankanni (BW) Express (w.e.f 25.09.2023)

11.  Train No.17421/17422 Tirupati – Kollam (BW) Express.- To be notified by Owning Railway.

II.      Amalgamation and Extension of services:

For benefit of passengers and for improved operational efficiency,  the following trains have been amalgamated and operated as one single train service as follows:

1.    Amalgamation of Train No. 06413/06414 (old No. 56113/56114) Mayiladuthurai- Tiruchchirappalli – Mayiladuthurai Spl. and Train 06881/06882 (old No.76833/76834) Tiruchchirappalli– Karur- Tiruchchirappalli Spl. and Train No.06852/06851 (old Train No. 76801/76802) Karur – Salem- Karur DEMU Spl. to run as T. No. 16811/16812 Mayiladuthurai- Salem –Mayiladuthurai Express (Daily) (w.e.f: 28.08.2023)

2.    Extension of Train No. 16328/16327 Guruvayur – Punalur – Guruvayur Express to Madurai by amalgamating with Train No. 06663/06503 (Regular No. 56733/56736) Madurai- Sengottai – Madurai Express Special and Train No.06659/06660 (Regular No. 56737/56738) Sengottai- Kollam-Sengottai Express Special. (With effect from 28.08.2023).

3.    Train No. 16847/16848 Mayiladuthurai – Dindugal Express to Sengottai (with effect from 12.11.2022).

4.    Train No. 20601/20602 Chennai Central -Madurai-Chennai Central (Tri-Weekly) Express to Bodinayakanur (w.e.f.16.06.23)

5.    Train No. 06701/06702 Madurai – Teni Unreserved Express Special (Daily)to Bodinayakanur (with effect from 16.06.23)

6.    Train No.16585/16586 SMAYILADUTHURAIT Bengaluru – Mangaluru Central Daily Express to Murdeshwar (with effect from 17.09.23)

7.    Train No. 16343/16344 Thiruvananthapuram – Madurai Amrita Express to Rameswaram – To be notified later.

8.    Train No. 16791/16792 Tirunelveli – Palakkad Palaruvi Express to Tuticorin – To be notified later.

9.    Train No.20973/20974 Rameswaram – Ajmer Weekly Humsafar Express to Firozpur Cant.- To be notified by Originating Railway.

10.  Train No.17643/17644 Kakinada Port – Chengalpattu Daily Express to Puducherry for 06 days a week –To be notified by the Owning Railway.

III.    Increase in Frequency

 1.    Train No. 06009/06812, 06815/06816, 06817/06010 Mettupalayam- Coimbatore – Mettupalayam MEMU Spls from 6 days to daily (with effect from 11.12.2022).

2. Train No. 22504/22503 (Old No. 15906/15905) Dibrugarh – Kanniyakumari-Dibrugarh Vivek Express Weekly to Bi-weekly (with effect from 22.11.2022) and to Four days a week (with effect from 07.05.2023

IV.    Diversion of trains

For improved operational efficiency the following trains have been diverted:

I.    Diversion of Train No.06442 Kollam – Ernakulam MEMU Express Special via Kottayam w.e.f 09.09.2023

II.   Diversion of the following trains via Perambur skipping stoppage at Chennai Central:

1.    Train No.12577/12578 Darbhanga – Mysururu – Darbhanga Weekly Express with effect from 02.01.2024

2.    Train No.12551/12552 SMVT Bengaluru – Kamakhya – SMVT Bengaluru Weekly Express with effect from 03.01.2024

3.    Train No.22351/22352 SMAYILADUTHURAIT Bengaluru – Patliputra Weekly Express with effect from 01.01.2024

III.  Diversion of Train No. 17229/17230 Thiruvananthapuram – Secunderabad Sabari Express via SHORANUR ‘B’ Cabin bypassing Shoranur junction with stoppage at Wadakancheri w.e.f 01.01.2024.

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