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OTTplay emerges as India’s No. 1 movies and web-series recommendation platform with 9.5 million users

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OTTplay, India’s first-ever AI-based OTT recommendation and content discovery platform, has emerged as the No. 1 platform for movies and web-series recommendations.  With over 9.5 million users, OTTplay has established itself as the leader in the category. The platform provides users with content recommendations from its extensive library, which includes over 60 plus OTTs, 65,000 web series, movies, and shows spanning 18 different genres and multiple languages. With an integrated cutting-edge AI software, the platform equips audiences with smart recommendations, thus empowering users to discover the content they are most likely to enjoy.

Commenting on the successful run of the platform, Mr Avinash Mudaliar, Co-Founder and CEO – OTTplay said, “OTTplay is based on consumer ethos & consumer want. The journey to 9.5 million users & still growing in one year makes us happy but we feel it’s just the beginning for OTTplay. We aim to solve the core problem of OTT users which is what to watch, where to watch & how to watch. With the OTTplay premium we aim to offer multiple OTT in app and making it affordable for the consumers. So you can get recommendations, reviews & a subscription to watch your favorite content all in OTTplay. We look forward to adding more value to the consumer journey and keep the hustle real.”

OTTplay transitions from a content discovery engine that curate’s content from 60+ Indian and international OTTs to a streaming platform that allows audiences to access their favourite content from 12 different OTT platforms with a single subscription. The premium subscription platform, OTTplay premium, which includes the availability of 20,000+ shows, webseries & movies from 12 different OTT’s at an affordable price is truly standing tall to their claim Mazey karo multiply.

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