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Rail blockade in Dima Hasao continues

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By Anup Biswas

Haflong  : ‘we will continue our peaceful protest untill the Railway  release our rightful compensation which they have promised to us’ as they lost confidence on Railway authority said David Keivom, president, NCHISF on Saturday.

we have received letter from DRM lumding inviting us for final discussion with General Manager (Construction) NF Railway to be held on 11th March 2019 at 3.30 Pm. Enough is enough we will not fall again in the trap of railway delaying tactics as they knows only how to give assurances and never care about implementing their promised. What change can we expected  by attending the meeting call by the Railway even they don’t care The Chief Secretary Government of Assam order. We have lost confidence in railway we only have Confidence in our State Government.  So we  would like to remind the Railway Authority that we have had enough meeting, we have lost confidence in railway.

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