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Rashtrapathi  wants Governors to  be friend, philosopher, and guide to public and government

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Vew Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind has exhorted the Governors to  be the friend, philosopher, and guide of the public and government.

Inaugurating the 51st conference of Governors, Lt Governors, and Administrators at Rashtrapati Bhavan  on Thursday, the President pointed out that Governors had a very important role in creating awareness among the people about the national goals and ensuring public participation. He said,  to fulfill this commitment, they must spend as much time as possible in their state and maintain a connection with the people. In his closing remarks, President Ram Nath Kovind urged the governors to adopt the best practices as discussed in the conference in their states.

In his address, Vice President M Venakaiah Naidu urged the Governors to play a proactive role in monitoring the various central government projects and schemes and ensure that the money intended for people’s welfare is spent for the right purpose.

In his address at the Conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the governors to travel to the remotest villages of the state and interact with neighboring governors regularly to know about people’s problems.

He pointed out that he had faced criticism during the raging pandemic from economists for not following the path of printing currency notes and distributing them as doles. But now the economists all over the world are looking up to India as the country has given a new economic model to the world by not only salvaging the situation but also giving a fillip to growth.

Earlier, in his welcome speech at the Conference of Governors and Lt Governors,  Union Home Minister Amit Shah referred to the effective leadership of the Prime Minister in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that the world is appreciating India’s success in the battle against the pandemic which was fought under the leadership of the Prime Minister with the motto of ‘Ek Rashtra, Ek Jan, Ek Man’.

The day-long conference was marked by a session of reporting by all participants who spoke about the progress made in their respective states.

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