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Rima Singh: An artist with rare insight

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For 5 years she has been working hard, she gained 10k followers on Instagram. She is a self-trained artist. Her large following shows that she has touched the hearts of many people and they are getting influenced by her every day. Apart from being a great artist, she is also a great listener. Rima believes to be heard, you first need to listen to others.

Rima was born and brought up in the Middle East. That’s why her artwork is highly influenced by it. Rima was a child who believed in the extraordinary abilities of her surroundings. As a child, she used to create scenarios in her mind and entertain herself. She was easily amused by her surroundings and never got bored. Little things and small encounters around her has served as an inspiration for her art.

Rima did her graduation in accounts but she did not pursue it any further because it was not what she was looking for. Initially, she was interested in the category but soon she found her creative side. Rima believes everyone is born with a creative side. It is only their choice if they follow it or not.

When Rima sits down to draw something she proceeds by following her heart and gut. Her artwork is usually portraits and is made in various layers. Rima finds her inspiration from humans and their emotions. She tries to bring out the emotions humans hide inside them. She finds it honorable to be able to do such a thing. Although it is a very delicate and hard concept, Rima tries to draw them without getting discouraged.

These days Rima is largely focusing on NFT art. NFT art is blockchain art on the OpenSea platform. NFT art is similar to that of canvas painting only you will get these in jpg form. People can collect this art as an investment. If you think by downloading the image from an online platform, you’ll be able to get it then you are wrong. In NFT art is marked with information that connects it to the blockchain. NFT is getting popular day by day.

Rima recently dived into NFT artwork because she believes it gives power back to the owner of the art. As an artist, Rima believes that they should encourage each other and grow together.

If you are curious about Rima’s work, then check out her Instagram page @rimasinghart. She posts multiple arts there. She also has a profile on OpenSea where Rima displays and sells her artwork. Till now Rima has introduced us to multiple breath taking artworks. They are empowering and bring out emotions. Every layer of that digital artwork clearly gives the sign of an empowering woman that is standing behind them.

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