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Shruti Haasan drinks “Blackwater”

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Hyderabad:The Multi-talented, singer & actress Shruti Hasan recently was papped holding Black Water-Evocus, making us wonder what exactly it is?

The fitness enthusiast of Tollywood, Shruti Hassan, was papped outside a film set in Ramoji Film city with this black water- ‘Evocus’ in her hands while waving at the paparazzi.

Where water is considered as one of the most important parts of our body and health, many of us are still unaware about the Black Alkaline water. She believed in consuming the best, healthy and nutritional products. So, can Black Water be a fitness recipe for Shruti’s toned and healthy body? Shruti explained that black water is highly healthy, aids in her body’s detoxification, and keeps her energetic all day. It’s crucial for keeping your body working appropriately and feeling great. Earlier Shruti was also seen talking about this black alkaline water in her Instagram video story where she expressed how excited she was to try water that is black in colour.

Evocus Black Alkaline water is enriched with 70+ minerals and has a high alkaline pH of 8+, yielding multiple benefits. Evocus which is ‘more than just water’ contains ultra-hydrating properties which means hydration for a longer period of time. It draws out toxins from the body, helps in boosting metabolism, immunity and has got anti-ageing properties that filters out free radicals making you look younger and youthful.

Evocus Black Water is also consumed by the many cricket players in the Indian team and many big Bollywood celebrities for various health benefits.

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