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Southern Railway clocked Originating Freight Earnings of Rs.2319.255 crores with the volume of 26.082 Million tonnes (MT) of commodities loaded during the current FY 2023-24 till November 2023.

The earnings of Rs.2319.255 crores exceeded the earnings of the corresponding period last FY 2022-23 by Rs. 16.52 Crores. At 26.082 Million Tonnes, the originating freight loading during April – November 2023 (FY 2023-24) registered an increase over the corresponding figures of the last FY 2022-23 by 5.25%.

In November 2023, Southern Railway registered 3.289 MT of freight loading, the highest in the last 12 years. The earnings of Rs.291 Crores recorded in November 2023 stood as the highest earnings recorded in the last 10 years.

This growth in freight loading has been fuelled by the loading of Coal, POL, Cement & Clinker, Food grains and fertilizers, among others.

Indian Railways achieves 1015.6 MT freight loading till November 2023

On cumulative basis from April – November 2023, freight loading of 1015.669 MT was achieved by Indian Railways against last year’s loading of 978.724 MT, an improvement of approximate 36.945 MT over last year’s loading for the same period. Railways have earned Rs 110007.5 crore against Rs 105905.1 crore over the last year which is an improvement of approx Rs 4102.445 Crore as compared to the same period of the last year.

During the month of November 2023, originating freight loading of 128.419 MT has been achieved against loading of 123.088 MT in November 2022, which is an improvement of about 4.33% over the last year. Freight revenue of Rs. 14077.94 Crores has been achieved in November 2023 against Rs 13559.83 Cr freight earnings in November 2022, thereby showing an improvement of about 3.82% over the last year.

Indian Railways achieved loading of 65.48 MT in Coal, 14.99 MT in Iron Ore, 5.25 MT in Pig Iron and Finished Steel, 5.58 MT in Cement (Excl. Clinker), 4.61 MT in Clinker, 3.82 MT in Food grains, 5.97 MT in Fertilizers, 4.176 MT in Mineral Oil, 6.91 MT in Containers and 8.59 MT in Balance Other Goods during November, 2023.

Following the Mantra, “Hungry For Cargo”, IR has made sustained efforts to improve the ease of doing business as well as improve the service delivery at competitive prices. The customer centric approach and work of Business Development Units backed up by agile policy making helped Railways towards this significant achievement.

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