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Sponsa – Bringing India’s Network Referrals Online

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Mumbai: Sponsa is India’s first ever network commerce platform that allows individuals to sell and promote their work. Sponsa facilitates partnerships and social endorsements to a plethora of industries such as beauty, fashion, retail, consultation and many more. Launched circa March 2020, Sponsa is the brainchild of Suravi Patnaik, who conducted research to understand commerce in India and identified how individuals and businesses were largely dependent on their offline network of

customers. She also understood that while using a service or buying a product, she trusted the recommendations of her family and friends more. This and the need to give small businesses a space where they can share their products/services and grow through consumer- powered referrals, led to the inception of Sponsa.

Sponsa is currently benefiting over 500 small businesses across India and New Zealand through the technology of consumer referrals and democratised endorsements. 

Commenting on the same, Suravi Patnaik, Founder, Sponsa adds, “Sponsa believes in empowering consumers in order to support small businesses. We charge minimal commissions and at the same time, help these businesses build a network of customers. Consumers are an integral part of shopping and bridging their gap with businesses, Sponsa aims to broaden the spectrum for these entrepreneurs.”

Sponsa provides direct cash incentives to its customers who refer an online product/service to someone. This social referral helps small businesses build a network. At the same time, through democratised endorsements, the end consumers can avail their products/services at the same price point. The vision at Sponsa is to make the finest use of digital technology to support small businesses through consumer endorsements and help them sell their work.

In this, Swati Mehrotra of Swatimodo, a leading name in the footwear designing industry joined hands as CoFounder; alongside Abinash Sahoo, a finance consultant with years of startup experience in his kitty. 

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