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Sweeten your festive season with delectable delights from Epigamia

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Mumbai:  To sweeten this festive season, Drums Food International’s flagship brand, Epigamia, has recently launched a new category of ready-to-eat puddings and indulgent milkshakes. The pudding comes in two classic flavours – chocolate and caramel. The milkshakes, toured as the “Ultimate Luxury Milkshake” come in 3 yummy flavours – Cookies & Cream, Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Coffee. These new desserts offer a premium, creamy blend that prioritizes flavours without any artificial ingredients or preservatives as it caters to those who enjoy a rich dessert.

Rahul Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Epigamia, said, “We are enthused to introduce new flavours in the milkshake and pudding category right around the festive season. This is a time for making treasured memories and indulging in delectable delicacies. The newly introduced products are designed to elevate special occasions. Therefore, we are happy to introduce these exquisite treats that encapsulate the holiday spirit.”

For this holiday season, Epigamia suggests indulging in the decadent ready-to-eat puddings as they are poised to be the star of any festive occasion. Whereas, these handy bottled Milkshakes will elevate festive moments, foster shared joy and connections among guests, and create a delightful holiday ambiance.

These indulgent treats, new ready-to-eat puddings and premium bottled milkshakes for this festive season will be available at leading retail stores and online platforms across India.

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