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Swiggy Celebrates Madras Day with Swiggy Food Festival in Chennai

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Chennai: The Swiggy Food Festival is coming to Chennai, showcasing the best eateries, bakeries, markets, and more. This season promises to be full of fun and flavor.

The festival promises a delightful experience with over 40 unique food stalls serving tantalizing treats. The event features captivating live performances by beloved artists, engaging activities, toe-tapping music, and an assortment of culinary delights to indulge the senses.

Attendees can savor a rich variety of dishes, from mouthwatering ‘parottas,’ ‘dosas,’ and ‘vadas’ to beloved global favorites. For the daring palate, there’s sinful biryani to savor, culminating in a refreshing glass of Jigarthanda.

For those seeking entertainment and amusement, the festival has something for everyone, including live music, performances, interactive entertainment, and engaging activities, ensuring boredom is a distant thought.

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