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The first executive meeting of the BJP’s Mahila Morcha was held in Sivasagar

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by Purusuttam Kalita

 SIVASAGAR, Assam : The first executive meeting of the Women’s Front of Sivasagar district BJP led by leader Bobby Kakati was held today at the headquarters of Bharatiya Janata Party, Sivasagar district at the district BJP’s main office. Shivsagar District Mahila Morcha Sabhaleader Bobby Kakati Deka Sivasagar District BJP President Mayur Bargohai, Jorhat Lok Sabha constituency MP Tapan Kumar Gogoi former MLA Kushal Duvari, State Mahila Morcha sub-chairman and Shivsagar district in-charge Madhumita Dutta BJP state executive member Sameer Gogoi, state executive member Deepika Duvari, mayors, former women morchar sabhaleaders, morcha current presidents, 13 Party officials including the meeting leaders and editors of the ta mandal as well as the sub-sabha leaders are present. The event was celebrated with maa vandana, banti prajalan and felicitation ceremonies by starting the programme with flag hoisting.

The meeting was held in three sessions. In the first sattar president Mayur Bargohai spoke on bharatiya janata party history and development. Lok Sabha constituency MP Tapan Kumar Gogoi spoke on mahila savalikaran in the second circle. In the third circle, Sivasagar district social media convener Vishwa Bhuyan spoke on social media.Former MLA Kushal Duvari delivered the congratulatory statement. The mayor and various greetings as well as women morcha mandal sabhaleaders also expressed their views. The meeting concluded with sharai and national anthem of Shalagar at the end of the ceremony. Women’s Front Leader Bobby Kakati Deka expressed hope that the women’s front will give a new dimension to the BHARATIYA Janata Party by playing a stronger role in the future, while thanking every executive for making the first executive meeting of the BJP’s Mahila Morcha a success today.

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