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The horses sold from Maharashtra are tied in Guwahati

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Bhupen Goswami

 GUWAHATI : Guwahati city has become the capital of anti-rebel MLA politics. The 49 opposition MLAs from Maharashtra are in Guwahati’s Radisson Blu since Wednesday. In Guwahati, 49 MLAs led by rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Scindia have gathered. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Bhosale, who arrived at the Guwahati Hotel to appeal to the rebel MlAs of Maharashtra to return, has now been arrested by the Assam Police.

They were detained on charges of violating security protocols and taken away from outside the hotel in a police van. Speaking to reporters on his way to the police station, Bhosale said, “I don’t know where the police are taking me. I am a dagger Shiv Sainik. I can lay down my life for the Shiv Sena. Eknath Shinde should support the party. Sanjay Bhosale, the Sena’s deputy district chief from Satara, was present near the Radisson Blu Hotel to urge party MLAs to return to Maharashtra. On his detention, police officials said, “It is a sensitive area and action will be taken as per law. “We don’t know why he (Bhosle) was here. We detained them to maintain law and order.

They have not been arrested. It is a sensitive area, people from different parts of India have come here. We need to ensure their safety. He is free to visit the state, but we should be aware of why he came to the hotel. According to Minister of State Eknath Shinde, who led the rebellion in the party against Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, 50 MLAs, including 37 from the Shiv Sena, are currently lodged in a hotel in Guwahati, Assam. The political turmoil in Maharashtra continues with the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati. Assam Congress chief Bhupen Bora has asked rebel Maharashtra Shiv Sena MLA Ekant Shinde to leave the city immediately. Assam Congress president Bhupen Bora, in his rebel letter to Maharashtra, said, “Given the damage caused to Assam and its people by your presence, I would like to advise you to leave Assam at the earliest in the larger interest of the state.”? Bhupen Bora said, “Assam is a land where people give a lot of respect to morality and values. Your presence in Guwahati with the MLAs of the ruling Shiv Sena of Maharashtra who have been kept in a hotel for alleged buying and selling to topple the elected government of Maharashtra and the same continues to have media coverage.

It has not been good with the Assamese people. And a very bad atmosphere is creating, referring to the appalling flood situation in Assam, Bhupen Bora further said: “Your presence in Guwahati in such a grim and pitiable state of the state and the busy activities of the Assam government and providing you with royal hospitality is quite unfair and unacceptable. Assam Congress president Bhupen Bora said, “Assam has been defamed by your presence considering Guwahati as a safe haven for those MLAs. who have no respect for constitutional values and loyalty. MLA Akhil Gogoi responded in this regard. He said the MLAs should leave Assam soon, otherwise the People’s Party will be forced to drive them out. Akhil Gogoi says, people of Assam are reeling under floods. But the BJP central government has not provided any assistance for Assam. In Assam, the BJP is doing drama at a time when the Assam government has not been able to provoke the flood-hit people. Assam has focused on selling and selling some of the MLAs from Maharashtra. The horses sold are tied in Guwahati. This is the abominable politics of the BJP government. Politics that sells mlAs in flood-ravaged Assam will not work in Assam.

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