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Thousand of Chess Boxers participated and run in this FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN

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CHESS BOXING ORGANISATION OF INDIA  has  recently organised a ”  FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN “through our all the Chess Boxers in country by the affiliated state associations, more than 1000 Chess Boxers has participate and  run in this FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 

Fit India Movement announced by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India for the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT on August 29,2019

 This FIT India Freedom Run was created to celebrate National Sports Day 2020 .Fitness is very important for all of us. During this Corona time, we are completely stuck in our home even though we completely depend on work from home. But In this “Fit India Movement we are encouraging everyone especially youngsters to be fit and at least run for 30 minutes to maintain the fitness’s As we know fitness is always boost up your immunity power .So staying fit and fine is our main motto in every situation

Montu Das President of World Chess Boxing Organisation and Chess Boxing Organisation of India  said “Fit India Freedom Run is one of the great initiative by the Govt of India to keep fit all the person’s in our country ,We chess boxers also obliged the same and doing this agenda all over the country through our affiliated State units FIT HAY TO CHESS BOXERS HAI”

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